Starbucks Ain't Got Nothing on These Gorgeous Ombré Drinks

Starbucks is no stranger to releasing spectacular coffee creations. Hello, Unicorn Frappuccino!

One of our recent favorites was their Ombré Pink Drink, a Cool Lime Refresher made with milk and topped with Passion Iced Tea.

Fruity, refreshing and stunning, this drink had it all. And while we thought no one made ombré drinks quite like Starbucks, boy were we wrong.

As fate would have it, Instagram introduced us to a café in South Korea that makes the most striking drinks we've ever seen. Sorry, Starbucks.

Come on, how could you not want to sip on this neapolitan-looking beverage?

Or maybe this blue-hued drink is more up your alley?

And if you're not about the ombré trend, maybe these brightly-colored refreshments are just what you should sip on?

We're not at all sure what these drinks are made of, but we don't really care. We'd try them even if their ingredients were eye of newt or toe of frog. Okay, so now we're being dramatic, but you get the gist of what we're saying.

And can we talk about the gorgeous backdrop the café provides due to its scenic location? Un-real.

We're ready to book a trip to South Korea for these drinks and these drinks alone. Anyone else down to join?


If you're not about this colorful drink trend, then THIS pitch-black Starbucks drink is for you.