The 5 Stages Of Dealing With One Direction's Breakup Announcement

It has just been #CONFIRMED that 1D's hiatus is actually a full on breakup. Nothing's fine, we're torn! These are the 5 stages our Directioner hearts went through after hearing the news.

But before we start, can we just take a moment to remember our fave band of all time? We've been watching this over and over again on repeat…



Jennifer Lawrence confused reaction face

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What do you mean breakup? It's just a short two year hiatus! It is ~just~ a hiatus, right?!



A Toy Story meme with Woody that reads 'After all we've been through...'

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Honestly, how dare they! They can't do this to US!



Dalmation wearing a Please Give Me Space blanket

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Seriously, just don't touch us right now. Don't even look at us. Don't even breathe near us. We need some space.



Beyonce crying while on the telephone

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If we have your number, you better believe we will be calling you to cry over this delightful little sitch.



Louis Tomlinson of One Direction going in for a group hug

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So this is real. 1D is O-V-E-R, but at least we can still reflect on the amazing memories we've made over the past five years with our boys.


If you do THESE 8 things, you should definitely survive 1D's dreaded breakup.