Use These One-Word Instagram Captions When You Can't Think of Anything to Say

Coming up with a witty or ingenious caption for every photo you share on Instagram is tough… but it doesn't have to be.

Simplify your captions by using one of these one-word phrases for your next pic.

For a video of your worldly travels:



For a sweet snap of you and your S.O.:


Teen couple goofing around

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For a sultry selfie you hope your ex sees:



For a scenic pic of the setting sun:


Girl standing in front of a sunset

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For a photo showcasing how cute your BFF and their new partner are:



For a selfie showcasing your popping highlighter:



For a boomerang of you walking into a surprise b-day party:


Surprised girl

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For a candid of you lounging at the beach:



For a sentimental snap of you and your family:



For an action shot of you working out:


Two girls working out with a medicine ball

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For a snap showing off your impressive report card:



For a boomerang of you jumping in the air on the last day of school:



For a group shot of your girl gang:


Group of friends posing in front of a painted wall

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For a video of you singing along at a concert:



For a pic of your besties goofing off:



For a stunning photo of the night sky:


Girls looking up at the starry sky

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For a #TransformationTuesday snap:



For a mirror selfie of your #OOTD:



For a pic of you snuggled up on the couch with your pet:


Girl cuddling fluffy white cat

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For a shot of you posing on a mountaintop:



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