Use These One-Word Instagram Captions When You Can't Think of Anything to Say

They say brevity is the soul of wit, and we think that applies to Instagram captions as much as it does anywhere else.

Coming up with a witty and ingenious caption for every photo doesn't have to be an epic undertaking. In fact, why use multiple words when just one will suffice? Simplify the entire practice by using one of these one-word phrases to caption your next Instagram pic.

For a video of your worldly travels:



For when you're putting everything off:



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For a sweet snap of you and your S.O.:


Teen couple goofing around

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For the image that takes your breath away:



For showing off your hottest pic:



For the one you adore:



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For a sultry selfie you hope your ex sees:



For a scenic pic of the setting sun:


Girl standing in front of a sunset

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For a photo showcasing how cute your BFF and their new partner are:



For a selfie showcasing your popping highlighter:



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For that shot that demonstrates precisely how you feel:



For a boomerang of you walking into a surprise b-day party:


Surprised girl

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For a candid of you lounging at the beach:



For a sentimental snap of you and your family:



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For when you're looking flawless:



For when it really feels like you have everything you need:



For an action shot of you working out:


Two girls working out with a medicine ball

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For when you're truly content with things:



For a snap showing off your impressive report card:



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For a boomerang of you jumping in the air on the last day of school:



For a group shot of your girl gang:


Group of friends posing in front of a painted wall

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For a video of you singing along at a concert:



For a pic of your besties goofing off:



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For that pic of the thing that's keeping you going:



For a stunning photo of the night sky:


Girls looking up at the starry sky

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For a #TransformationTuesday snap:



For that gratuitous pic of your food:



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For a mirror selfie of your #OOTD:



For a pic of you snuggled up on the couch with your pet:


Girl cuddling fluffy white cat

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For when you're just not into it:



For when you feel like praising yourself:



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For when you're feeling unapologetically yourself:



For a shot of you posing on a mountaintop:



For when your look is just how you want it:



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