Keep It Short and Sweet With These Two-Word Instagram Captions

Sometimes, long-winded Instagram captions are the perfect way to capture your mood… and sometimes the simple route is the way to go.

Keep your next IG post short and sweet with the following two-word captions.

For a photo of you drenched in rain after a particularly stormy day:

"Beautiful chaos."

Girl in Rain

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For a photo of you shrugging off all your worries:

"Hakuna matata."

The Lion King


For a no-makeup selfie of you smiling at the camera:

"Accept yourself."


For a photo of you appreciating a beautifully starry sky:

"Look up."

Starry Sky with Dock

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For a candid of your squad totally messing up the pose:

"Perfectly imperfect."


For a scenic photo of you wandering through nature:

"Free yourself."


For a video of you watching the waves crash at the beach:

"Perfectly content."

Girl at the Beach

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For a photo showing off your appreciation for your BFF:

"Endless love."


For a photo encouraging yourself to let go of your ex:

"Move on."


For a photo of you dressed up for a formal event:

"Embrace elegance."

Girl in a Dress on the Sand

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For a photo of you powering through a particularly hard workout:

"Inhale. Exhale."


For a photo of you nestled in your S.O.'s arms:

"Safe place."


For an OOTD photo when you just know you look on point:

"Be fierce."

Trendy Girl With Sky in Background

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For a photo of your unplanned road trip:

"Be spontaneous."


For a photo of you showing off your skateboarding skills:

"Risk taker."


For a photo of you reading your new favorite book:

"Stay curious."


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