ONEUS Discuss Their Blood Moon Comeback and Upcoming LIVEnow Concert

Last November, K-pop group ONEUS released their sixth mini-album Blood Moon which sold 130k copies within the first three days, surpassing the sales of all their previous releases.

We even ranked their song "LUNA" third on our list of best K-pop songs of 2021, and now, ONEUS is planning a live showcase in collaboration with LIVENow set to take place on Jan. 29 and an upcoming tour across the United States. With all of their amazing accomplishments in mind, we were very excited to chat with ONEUS and talk about their upcoming projects, as well as their most recent release.

ONEUS LiveNow Promo image

(via LIVENow)

Sweety High: Could you introduce yourselves and your roles in the group?

Ravn: Hi, I'm Ravn. I rap and produce ONEUS' tracks.

Seoho: Hi! I'm Seoho. I'm the main vocalist.

Leedo: Hi! I'm Leedo, and I'm the main rapper.

Keonhee: Hi, I'm the group's main vocalist Keonhee.

Hwanwoong: I'm Hwanwoong, the main dancer in ONEUS.

Xion: I'm maknae (the youngest member) Xion. I am a vocalist in ONEUS.


SH: You've been including a bit of traditional music in your releases, and it's a style you do really well. Is this something you would like to do more of in the future? 

Seoho: We want to show more elements of Korea's traditional culture, but we don't want to be tied to a specific genre. We want to show the "ONEUS" interpretation of all the different genres!


SH: What was the inspiration behind "LUNA"? What is the story it was meant to tell?

Hwanwoong:  "LUNA" signifies a flower that blooms at night. It tells the story of a yearning and heart-rending feeling towards a mystical person that could turn the moon red who loved ONEUS.


SH: What would you like TOMOON (ONEUS' fandom name) to take away from your upcoming performances?

Xion:  We want our TOMOONs to feel the energy of ONEUS. We try to show different performances of different genres so we hope our fans can take away all these elements during the experience.


SH: How did it feel to earn your first music show win?

Keonhee: We were bewildered and couldn't believe it as we went up on stage. Nobody even hinted that we would take the win! We really didn't expect anything but when they announced us as the winner we were very surprised. Also very thankful to our TOMOONs.


SH: Are you excited to work with LIVENow to bring this concert to your fans?

Ravn: So many renowned artists have performed during LIVENow events, so we've been working really hard not to disappoint. We want to do our best to show and give 100%, and we want to close the show with a big smile.


SH: When do you feel the most connected to your fans, despite being separated from them for so long?

Leedo: Although we are all far apart, there are still many channels that we can interact on, so we feel loved and supported by our fans. Although I'm not the type to express my feelings, I make sure I return the love from our fans.


SH: Is there anything you would like to add?

ONEUS:  We will always do our best, enjoy every stage and performance so please support us. We thank our fans for the love that they continue to show us.

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