Out East Eyewear Has THE Cutest Sunglasses for Fall

I don't know about you, but I love accessorizing an outfit with a cute pair of sunglasses.

Whether they're aviator, cat-eye, oversized or something in between, I don't discriminate! I was on the hunt for a pair for the new fall season and came across Out East Eyewear. The brand was kind enough to send me one of their best-sellers, and immediately upon receiving the package, I threw them on. They pretty much haven't left my head since!

Keep scrolling to find out all about the brand, the sunnies and to see if they're worth it.

The Brand

Out East Eyewear is a new brand that was started in the midst of the pandemic. Designed and made by hand in the Hamptons, Out East makes glasses for both men and women. From polarized sunnies to aviators and more, there are so many high-end, trendy and downright beautiful glasses to choose from.

My favorite part of the brand has to be their replacement program‚ÄĒit's so innovative! Two times every year, customers have the option to "replace" their glasses with a new pair for just $35. So whether your glasses broke or you even lost them, the replacement program will work for you.


The Sunglasses

Sayres Polarized Sunglasses: $175

Previously, I had a pair of sunglasses from Amazon that were $20 and looked pretty similar. I compared the two in person and the differences were wild. The one from Amazon was flimsy and plastic-y, while the Out East pair was sturdy and undoubtedly of a higher quality.

As for the style itself, the Sayres design I was sent is unisex, retro-inspired and comes with gorgeous orange lenses. While this style definitely soared during the summer on Instagram, I don't see it going away any time soon. The frame is crafted from Italian acetate, which is hypoallergenic, sturdy and pretty much the best of the best when it comes to plastic materials.

It sits perfectly on my nose, doesn't leave a huge mark and isn't super heavy. But at the same time, I can rest easy knowing they aren't going to fall off! I've worn them endlessly and they look great with pretty much anything I throw on. Whether I'm at the beach, heading to grab a coffee, running errands or going to brunch with my friends, these look good every time.

I'm seriously in love with these sunnies and think they look amazing not only on me, but on my boyfriend, too! I love the versatility they offer and plan on wearing these all year long.


Bottom Line

I have absolutely zero bad things to say about my sunglasses from Out East Eyewear. While they are on the more expensive side, I think they're 100% worth it, especially considering their replacement program. If you're looking to upgrade your sunnies, I couldn't recommend Out East Eyewear enough.


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