8 Outdoorsy Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Are you tired of being indoors for all your dates?

Well, let's make this Valentine's Day different from the rest. This list of outdoorsy date ideas will certainly be a breath of fresh air for you and your partner.

1. Plan a Picnic

The perfect thing about planning a picnic is that it can be anywhere. If you and your partner have a memorable spot, take them there for a romantic picnic date. You can pack the picnic full of all your favorite goodies, and don't be shy about bringing something to do as well. Maybe your partner loves art, so pack a little crafting activity with the delicious food you picked out.

go on a romantic picnic for Valentine's

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2. Go on a Hike

A beautiful way to get Valentine's Day started is with a hike. It's a great way to get outdoors and simply spend time with your significant other. You two will get to enjoy the scenery and have quality time together, and once you are finished with the hike, maybe finish it with another activity that you both enjoy. The hike will also help you both work up an appetite for a romantic dinner.


3. Visit a Farmer's Market

Visiting a farmer's market for a Valentine's date is so out of the box. Rather than just sitting around at the beach, you'll be walking around and enjoying all the different stands and samples. Check out new products from vendors, and enjoy everything from dips to fresh produce and more. And what's romantic than fresh flowers? Whether you buy them as a sweet gift, or ask for a bouquet yourself, the sparks will definitely fly.

Visiting a farmer's market is fun and outdoors!

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4. Go for a Bike Ride

If there's a scenic path you'd love to investigate, tell your partner about it and try planning a bike date for Valentine's. It's a fun way to spend time with someone and leaves time for chatting and exploring. Once you finish bike riding, you can always add to the adventure and end with a dinner outside or biking to your favorite ice cream place.


5. Eat Dinner Around a Fire Pit

This date emulates a perfect camping trip without having to actually pack up and go camping. If you're into the idea of a big trip to the woods but can't commit, dinner around a fire pit is just as fun. Whether you're grilling on the barbecue at home or heading to the beach to cozy up next to a fire pit, you'll be warm and with someone you want to spend quality time with.

Dinner around a fire pit is romantic for Valentine's

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6. Take a Day Trip

If there is a location nearby that you've been meaning to check out, Valentine's Day might be the perfect time. If there's a nearby city, beach or park, drive together to see what the adventure has in store for you. The opportunities are endless and you can plan as you go. Just don't forget to take pictures as you go to remember your fun times.


7. Watch the Sunset

Another classic and romantic date idea is watching the sunset. Whether it's from a picnic in the park, coffee on the beach or a restaurant with a view, watching the sunset is perfect for your Valentine's outing. Heading over to one of your favorite spots will do the trick.

Watching the sunset is a classic date that everyone will love

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8. Stargaze

The ideal end of any of your Valentine's Day date ideas is stargazing. Few things are dreamier than ending an evening gazing at the dark sky, speckled with millions of far-off stars—and the best part is that it can be done from anywhere. Whether your finish your picnic in the park and watch the stars there or go for an adventure to a lookout point, you'll be met with a spectacle worthy of the special holiday.


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