PĀPR's Plastic-Free Deodorant Is a Win for the Environment—AND the Fight Against B.O.

I'm probably sounding like a broken record at this point, but I'm sick and tired of how unavoidable plastic seems in my daily routine.

I've turned to using unwrapped bars for my hair and body, serums in biodegradable pods and more, and when I recently ran out of my favorite natural deodorant (unfortunately housed in a rigid plastic container) I vowed to look into more sustainable options next. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, because that's when I was introduced to PĀPR.

Like the name suggests, PĀPR's deodorants come entirely in recyclable paper packaging, and they're made with good-for-you natural ingredients, too. I had to say yes when a rep from the brand asked me if I was interested in trying them, and after doing so, I don't think there's any going back.

The Brand

PĀPR's deodorants are designed to be as good to the environment as they are for the body. They come wrapped up in biodegradable and recyclable paper packaging, printed with soy inks, keeping nasty plastics out of our oceans. 99.98% of their packaging is made with Forest Stewardship Council-certified, responsibly sourced paper. The other 0.02% is a thin membrane made from biodegradable cornstarch. They even plant a new tree for every one they have to take down—and the packaging has adorable origami printed figures under the lids.

At the same time, their products are also natural, clean and safe. The deodorants are fully vegan and free of parabens, sulfates and silicones, using natural ingredients such as baking soda, tapioca starch, jojoba ester, coconut oil, silica, castor oil and shea butter to get the job done. They're also scented with only the finest cold-pressed essential oils. Armpits are sensitive parts of the body, after all.

Their deodorants come in five varieties, retailing for $14 each. In addition to the Bare Naked, Coastal Forests and From Dusk Till Dawn deodorants I was sent to review, they also have grapefruit-scented Bright Shiny Morning and musk and ylang ylang-scented So Hot Right Now Fragrances.


The Experience

Bare Naked

PĀPR's Bare Naked deodorant is designed for ultra-sensitive skin, which is why it contains neither fragrance nor the baking soda found in the other deodorants offered by the brand. I have to admit that when I first opened up this deodorant and gave it a sniff, I was not impressed. The scent was neutral, but not really appealing, reminding me of glue, but I shrugged that off and gave it a try. I simply had to remove the lid, push up on the paper from the bottom of the tube like a Push Pop, and apply under my arms after my morning shower.

And I was surprised, but this stuff worked. Despite not smelling like anything in particular, it did wonders to neutralize any body odor, without layering any other scent on top of it. The odor protection also lasted all day. While I was happy to move on to the next scent the following day, I won't be too displeased when I run out with the others and it's time to return to this one—even if I will miss the lovely fragrances.

PAPR Bare naked deodorant

(via PĀPR)


Coastal Forests

After the first day of unscented deodorant, I was happy to jump into the Coastal Forests scent. From the second I opened the tube, my nostrils were met with the scent of fresh pine—technically cedarwood and cypress—reminding me of December mornings with a Christmas tree in the living room.

And to my delight, this deodorant worked just as well—if not better—than the Bare Naked. Maybe it was thanks to the inclusion of baking soda, but this one seemed to keep my underarms dryer, while also combatting odor and masking it with a fresh scent that I wouldn't have minded smelling all day. I loved it—but I had a feeling I'd love the next scent even more.

PAPR coastal forests deodorant

(via PĀPR)


From Dusk Till Dawn

On day three, it was time to try the From Dusk Till Dawn deodorant, which I'd saved for last because I anticipated adoring its lemongrass and bergamot scent. And I was so right. The scent is so fresh, warm and calming that I can't get enough of it. It also helps that it offered all of the protection of the Coastal Forests deodorant, keeping sweat as well as stink at bay while also making me smell marvelous. After my initial trial of three days, it's the one I've made my go-to.

PAPR drom dusk till down deodorant

(via PĀPR)


Bottom Line

I don't have a single bad thing to say about PĀPR. I'll have to admit that my body is already tuned in to natural deodorants, so there may be an adjustment period if you're coming from using aluminum-based kinds, but these worked brilliantly for me from day one, and they're by far my favorite natural deodorants to use. The two scented varieties I was sent smell so good that I may even have to invest in the other two, just to compare.

While the paper tubes do contain the warning "Get over it! The edge can get a little greasy or worn out," I haven't had any issues with this just yet, and if and when it does happen, I won't mind at all because of what the brand is doing for the planet. And while $14 for a 2.65 oz. stick is definitely more than you'll be paying for your drugstore deodorant, I think it's worth it for the product you're getting. Basically, PĀPR is a hit, and I don't see myself going back any time soon.


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