How to Tell If Your S.O. Is Being Shady With Their Phone

Our phones hold pretty much our entire lives.

If there's anything you need to know about someone, you can find it on their cell phone.

Unfortunately, that also means cell phones can be a big point of contention in a relationship. On one hand, you and your partner are entitled to your privacy. On the other hand, if your S.O. is a little too protective of their phone, it could be a sign of some dishonest behavior.

So how do you know if your S.O. is just attached to their device or if they're trying to hide something from you? Keep scrolling for our tips on how to tell if your S.O. is being shady with their phone.

They Never Leave Their Phone Within Your Reach

Let's be real: We're all overly attached to our phones. At this point, most of us bring our devices with us everywhere we go, even to the bathroom. If your S.O.'s phone is basically glued to their hand, you don't necessarily need to worry. But even the most phone-obsessed person leaves their device lying around every once in a while. If you've noticed that your S.O. never leaves their phone within your reach, you might need to worry.

When we say never, we mean never. If you plop down on the couch, your S.O. moves their phone to make sure it's as far away from you as possible. If you're cooking a meal together, they refuse to leave it sitting on the kitchen counter. If this happens a couple of times, it could be a fluke and you don't necessarily need to worry. But if you notice that your S.O. consistently keeps their phone far away from you over a long period of time, they're being shady.

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They Turn Away From You When They Look at Their Phone

It's fair to assume that no one really likes the feeling of someone reading their phone over their shoulder. If your S.O. asks you not to read their screen, you can respect their request. But they shouldn't go to great lengths to ensure that you never see what they're doing.

If your S.O. always turns away from you when they open their phone, they're being shady. If they're so scared of you getting even a glimpse of their screen, they definitely have something to hide. What are they doing that they have to turn their entire body away from you when they open their phone? Certainly not anything that respects the boundaries of your relationship.


They Put Their Phone Facedown

Much like turning away from you when they open their phone, an S.O. who always puts their phone facedown is also a cause for concern. It's yet another barrier between you and any glimpse at what might pop up on their screen.

Of course, this isn't a red flag unless it's deliberate. For example, you might be sitting with your S.O. when text messages start rolling in. Instead of looking at their screen, they simply flip it over and turn their attention back to you. If they do leave it within your reach, they always make sure the screen is out of sight before walking away. These small habits show that their main focus is keeping their screen out of your view, which is always a cause for concern.

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They Won't Tell You What They're Doing

In general, it's a bit rude for your S.O. to be messing around on their phone when the two of you are supposed to be hanging out. However, we all have a tendency to get caught up in a social media hole, no matter who's around. It's not a cause for concern.

You should be concerned, though, if your S.O. can't just tell you what they're doing. When you ask what your S.O. is up to on their phone, they should be able to answer clearly and without hesitation. If they give you a vague response, or—even worse—get defensive, there's something going on. Your S.O. will only get upset about your questions if they have something to hide. Don't let them trick you into believing that you're being nosy or controlling for asking what they're up to.


They Spend a Lot More Time On Their Phone

What qualifies as "a lot" of time on your phone differs for each person. What you should pay attention to, however, is any big changes in your S.O.'s habits. If they're suddenly spending a noticeably increased time on their mobile device, you may have cause for concern.

Before you jump down their throat, give it a few days to ensure that they're consistently spending more time on their device and that it's not just a one-time thing. If you can establish that they're absolutely spending more time on their phone, you may have cause for concern. This is particularly shady if it's combined with any of the behavior discussed above.


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