Not all party games are created equal.

Some are tons of fun, while others are a one-way ticket to Mortification Nation.

While goofy games can be a riot with your closest friends, you certainly don’t want to be playing them in front of your crush.

If you and your (hopeful) main squeeze are about to attend the same party, then you want to put your best game face forward. Our criteria for the best of the best includes games that will show off your skills, keep you two close and team you up together. If there’s one category of game you don’t want to play, it’s one that can reveal embarrassing truths.

For some party inspo, scroll below for the best games to play with your crush:

Scavenger Hunt

Large scavenger hunts are a great way to show off your competitive side while still playing alongside your crush. You can team up while running around the neighborhood or mall to cross off all of the items on your list.


Twister is one of the flirtiest games out there. Put your best foot (or hand) forward to balance on the appropriate colored circles. You may just find that your hands meet at the same red dot.

Friends playing Twister

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Two Truths and a Lie

If you don’t know your crush super well but are interested in learning more, this game will help break the ice. Everyone says three statements about themselves, two of which are true and one that’s a lie, while the rest of the party goers have to guess which statement is false. You’ll earn some bonus points with your new crush by guessing their lie correctly.

Who Am I?

In this game, everyone draws a name (the categories often include celebrities or fictional characters), and without looking, they place the name on their forehead for the party goers to see. The object of the game is to ask questions about your character to find out who you are without looking at the paper. This game makes for great introductory conversation as you can single your crush out of the crowd and begin your back and forth game banter.

Human Pretzel

In this game, everyone stands in a circle and laces fingers with other party goers (they can’t be standing next to you). Once everyone has locked hands, you begin the process of trying to untangle the group. This game is fun no matter what, but it’s even better if you get to spend the 10 minutes untangling, all while holding hands with your crush.

Friends hands in a circle

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Likes and Dislikes

Everyone writes down five things they like and five things they dislike before each of the lists are collected. One player reads the lists out loud and everyone has to guess who wrote each based on the answers. This game is another great way to either get to know your crush, or prove that you know them better than anyone. Your crush will definitely be impressed if you prove you can read them like a book. Plus, even if you aren’t able to identify their list, this gives you major talking points after the game is over as you can bond over your shared love of basketball or hatred for bacon.


Manhunt is basically a giant game of hide and seek with a few extra rules. What makes this party game an optimal crush connection is whether you’re both hiders or you’re both hunters, you can engage together. Vow to stick together and enjoy this long game with some valuable one-on-one time.

Friends running in field

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