Patricks Grooming Products Were Made for Guys With Taste

When it comes to grooming products for guys, the market is totally saturated.

So, how do you find a brand that has good and quality products that are actually worth your time and money? Lucky for you, we're the beauty experts and know what works. That's where Patricks comes in. Patricks makes innovative, multi-functional products backed by science. Interested in learning more about their products? Look below to find out all about some of Patricks' best-selling grooming products for men.

ND1 Natural Deodorant: $60

Whether you're a guy and shopping for yourself or are looking for something to get your boyfriend, if we had to recommend one product from Patricks to get, it would without a doubt be the ND1 Natural Deodorant. With ingredients including Amazonian brown clay, coconut oil, zinc and tapioca starch, this groundbreaking and aluminum-salt-free deodorant will leave you smelling amazing. Plus, your skin will be ultra-moisturized and free of any feeling of irritation.


(via Patricks)


FS1 Face Scrub: $90

When a face scrub has literal crushed diamonds in the formula, you know it's got to be good. The FS1 Face scrub not only has crushed diamonds, but also volcanic sand, AHA and multivitamins that all work together to regenerate your skin. The scrub gets rid of dead skin cells and will leave your skin looking more smooth and clear than ever before. Plus, it helps to clean out pores and reduce ingrown hairs.


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FW1 Face Wash: $80

Finding a good facial wash is a must for men—it cleanses the skin while maintaining moisture, and that's just what the FW1 Face Wash does. Formulated with a blend of backhousia citriodora leaf, actiphyte of prickly pear, green tea and dragocalm, it will leave your skin fresh and regenerated. Suited for all skin types, expect this wash to soothe your skin, without any redness and itchiness.


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BW1 Multi-Action Body Wash: $45

Instead of grabbing the cheapest body wash you can find at the drug store (which is bound to dry out your skin), go for something luxe, like Patricks' BW1 Multi-Action Body Wash. With stellar ingredients such as vitamins A, C and E, dragocalm, actiphyte of blueberry, green tea and salicylic acid, this wash will leave body not only be cleansed, but moisturized, too. Say goodbye to body acne and hello to a wash that smells of bergamot, cognac and amber cologne.


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M2 Matte Finish: $60

Patricks has multiple levels of their matte finish hair product, but we think the medium hold is the most universal. Plus, it's their best-seller and most awarded product! If you're looking to give your hair that perfect wave, trust us when we say this product will help you achieve just that. Whether you want to tame your flyaways or style your hair the way you like it, this styling product will get the job done. Plus, it smells of masculine bergamot.


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