The Cutest Peridot Birthstone Jewelry for Gals With August Birthdays

It's officially August, which means it's time to celebrate some special August birthdays and the month's unique birthstone, peridot.

The gemstone is famous for its olive color, which it obtains from its unusual mineral composition as it's formed deep within the earth's mantle. The stone's green hue is evocative of nature, which might be why it's associated with harmony and peace. Whether you're shopping for someone with an August birthday, or are celebrating one yourself this month, keep scrolling to discover some of our favorite peridot jewelry pieces around.

Brilliant Earth Unity Peridot Earrings: $95

We especially love peridot paired with dainty looks, such as this pair of earrings from Brilliant Earth. These chic little hoops are subtly adorned with just a pop of green color to make them unlike anything else in your jewelry box. brilliant earth peridot unty earrings

(via Brilliant Earth)


AMYO Peridot Birthstone Studs Set: $42

Looking to flaunt a bit more of the stone in your earrings? AMYO has the perfect studs set for you. This one has the stone featured on a pair of clover studs (a suiting color choice) and also comes with a tiny pair of crystal studs so you can mix and match the earrings any way you desire.

amyo peridot studs set

(via AMYO)


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Kendra Scott Davie Sterling Silver Band Ring in Peridot: $80

Here's another elegant, minimalistic peridot piece we adore. The ring is thin with a diamond-shaped stone that's just big enough to really see that unusual peridot color, making it striking whether it's worn alone or stacked with other rings.

kendra scott davie sterling silver band ring in peridot

(via Kendra Scott)


Karma and Luck The Advocate Bracelet: $59

We're big on contrasting colors in jewelry, and we think the way the green peridot on this bracelet contrasts with the grey-black hematite really makes those tones shine. Karma and Luck is a brand based on spirituality, gratitude and purpose, so it only makes sense that this piece harnesses the powers of calming, grounding hematite and peridot for divine connection to make something unique. karma and luck the advocate bracelet

(via Karma and Luck)


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Isabelle Grace Personalized ID Bracelet With Peridot Charm: $52

For those who love personalized jewelry, there's this cute ID bracelet from Isabella Grace. In addition to the nameplate, which can be customized with a name of up to eight characters, it features a cubic zirconia accent as well as a peridot charm for that hint of green without overwhelming the look.

isabella grace personalized id bracelet

(via Isabella Grace)


Tiny Tags August Birthstone Necklace: $80

Tiny Tags makes some of the sleekest, chicest pieces around, and that definitely includes their birthstone necklaces. The dainty chain makes it the cutest, but the focal point is definitely the stone charm itself, giving it that special something with peridot's green sparkle.

tiny tags august birthstone necklace

(via Tiny Tags)


Sterling Forever Sterling Silver Camilla's Peridot N' Pink Ring: $48

Just because peridot is usually used as an accent in jewelry doesn't mean you can't go all in on the color, and this Camilla's Peridot N' Pink Ring puts the olive gemstone front and center, with pink accent stones and tiny cubic zirconia pieces for good measure. After all, the majority of August birthdays fall within Leo season, and Leo loves to have all eyes on them.

sterling silver camilla's peridot 'n pink ring

(via Sterling Forever)


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Alexa Leigh Peridot Birthstone Gold Ball Ring: $60

If you're more into rings with chunky shapes and stones as accents, this Birthstone Gold Ball Ring from Alexa Leigh might be more up your alley. The ring itself consists of a series of gold balls, with a peridot charm that adds that hint of class and color.

alexa leigh birthstone gold ball ring

(via Alexa Leigh)


Arcanum Daily Greens Bracelet: $66

If peridot's olive coloring isn't your fave, but you still want to rock the stone with pride, why not wear it mixed and matched as part of a monochromatic bracelet in bold green tones? This one combines peridot with the deep, marbled stone malachite and aventurine for luck to create something striking and confidence-boosting, without being overwhelmed with the peridot tone.

arcanum daily greens bracelet

(via Arcanum)


TSEATJEWELRY Ease Ring – Green: $58

Looking for a ring that makes the big, shining stone the star of the show? We love this one from TSEATJEWELRY, with the most stunning cut and finish bringing out the beauty of the stone, all accentuated by the simple but elegant gold-plated ring.




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