What to Know About Playboy's Sizzling New Cherry Bomb Collection

Last week, Playboy held an epic Valentine's Day Party celebrating the launch of their new Cherry Bomb lingerie collection, and the event couldn't have been hotter.

Held on Jan. 19 at the Fleur Room in Los Angeles, the event followed yet another star-studded gathering at the Playboy store, where Ashley Resch, Melissa Kristine, Hailee Lautenbach, Paige Leneigh, Kyra Green, Natalie Lopez, Aliyah Marie, indie rock trio Kid Sistr and so many more came to try on the incredible new Cherry Bomb styles before flaunting them on the big night.

Our fabulous host, Sienna Leone, was also in attendance for the sexy soiree, and she got the chance to meet with Playboy chief brand officer Rachel Webber and global product head Ashley Kechter to learn all about the launch, and why it'so perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Sienna Leone: Tell me about tonight's event!

Ashley Kechter: Playboy launched a lingerie line about a month or two ago. We feel so strongly about the line from a brand standpoint, and a big lingerie launch party felt like a great opportunity to bring it to the world.

model in playboy bunny red and white onesie

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SL: Why do you think it's important for brands like Playboy to have these events where they can interact with influencers and consumers? 

Rachel Webber: Playboy is a very special brand. People want to live the Playboy brand. They want to step into it and feel like they're part of that lifestyle. All brands should do events, because everyone loves having fun, but Playboy is particularly unique in how much people gravitate toward the experience. We're really focused on connecting consumers with the brand, and this is the perfect intersection of a fun launch and making a really big, exciting moment around a new collection, the Cherry Bomb collection. We were so excited to host all those influencers at the store yesterday, and have people try everything on and see how they feel in it—and then give them almost a runway to show it off.

model in playboy sweater in chinese takeout pattern

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SL: How does it feel to see wearing your product and styling it in all these different ways, whether they're cropping it, wearing it underneath jackets or pairing it with cowboy hats?

AK: It's just a super proud moment. I feel like people wear the bunny almost as a badge of honor, and it's really awesome to see people love the clothing that we put a lot of energy and heart into designing. This year, we've brought on a whole new design team. We've been really trying to figure out what's the right aesthetic for the customer that we're wanting to put the product in front of, and I think when you wear it—like you are, and you're crushing it—it makes us really proud of how it looks and how it came to life.

models in pink playboy lingerie styles with jeans and cowboy hat

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SL:  Let's talk about the Cherry Bomb collection, your Valentine's Day drop. What can people expect to see from the collection?

AK: They're gonna continue to see really cool lingerie. Maybe some baby tees with cherries on them. There's going to be a lot of red and pink, and a lot of traditional lingerie, but also new and cool shapes and sizes. It's just a different look than what you'd see anywhere else.

RW: There are a couple of things that are really fun about it. For one, it's an opportunity to feel super confident, just because of what you're wearing underneath your clothes. It's also an opportunity to wear these pieces on the outside, and transform your lingerie into your going-out fashion. That's what's really awesome and unique about how our designers are thinking about them. Playboy is all about your self-expression and your confidence, so it's about giving you all of these amazing tools, in the form of fashion, to feel confident and also—if you want to—show it off and express yourself.

Model in Letterman jacket and playboy onesie with boots

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SL: When I think of this collection, the three words that pop into my head are confident, sexy and elegant. What three words would you use?

AK: "Confidence" was actually one of the keywords we were most excited about. Then "energetic" and "beautiful." We want people to just love it and think it's beautiful because we spent a lot of time on the quality, the materials, the look.

RW: I'll also add the word "fun," because that's always a big part of Playboy, to be playful.

guy models wearing red playboy tops

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SL: What are your Valentine's Day night plans?

AK: Probably a family dinner and at home! Nothing very exciting, but I have a husband and three daughters.

RW: You know what I'll say? No matter what happens at work that day, we have an incredible team and we have so much fun together, so I have a feeling we'll probably have a little bit of a Valentine's Day happy hour as a crew. We just love bringing all these fun things to life together.

Model in black playboy co-ords

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