Get Ready With Me: Prepping for the 80th Golden Globe Awards With Sienna Leone

The 80th Golden Globe Awards were held earlier this week on Jan. 10 in Beverly Hills, California, with all of the biggest stars of film and television in attendance, and Sweety High's own Sienna Leone was there to catch all of the action.

With her vibrant and upbeat personality, Sienna makes hosting look so easy, but on top of being a charismatic personality and a skilled interviewer, there's a ton of hard work and preparation that goes into being as fabulous and unforgettable as possible on the silver carpet. In this special Get Ready With Me, Sienna takes us behind the scenes and gives us a peek into how she puts together her stunning looks, from top to bottom, for the biggest events in Hollywood.

Morning Prep

Sienna Leone: Way before I get into hair and makeup, I start my day with a 6 a.m. shower. Afterward, I moisturize and put on Peter Thomas Roth 24k gold undereye patches right out of the shower while I jade roll my face.

Next, I apply my three favorite products from Dr. Morelli: The Clear Skin Solution, Vitamin C Serum and Hydrating Booster. Right before I leave, I also do a few sprays of rosewater on my face to help wake up the skin.

Sienna Leone get ready with me products


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Sienna Leone: I usually come to my hairstylist, @hairstylist_aida, ready with a few inspo pics to show her, and I always travel with my clip-in extensions in case we want to give my hair some extra length. I usually leave a lot of the creative to her, because she really knows me and what I like. We sit down for about 10 minutes before styling as she goes through some ideas with me, and together, as a team, we narrow it down to create something that fits the outfit, jewelry and glam. I for sure wanted my hair behind my ears, but it was her idea to put the beautiful wave in my hair. It was the perfect hairstyle for my simple look, and she absolutely killed it.



Sienna Leone: Similar to what I do for hair, I usually bring some pics as inspiration to my makeup artist when it comes to the glam look I want. Again, I leave a lot of the vision up to my glam team, as I have worked with them before, and they are super familiar with my tastes and what works for me. For this event, I worked with @shay_zeinali on doing a super-sharp winged eye while leaving the color scheme of the eye super clean and matte, just like the skin. Then, because I wanted to shine as bright as a Golden Globe, we added a little bit of body glow and, of course, my staple nude lip. We did a nude lip and lip liner on top of an incredible gloss from Victoria Duke Beauty in "Hottie."

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The Outfit

Sienna Leone: When it comes to covering awards shows, I usually find out about a month in advance whether I've been confirmed. For the 80th Golden Globe Awards, I only had about three weeks' notice, and as soon as I found out we were going, I had one thought: "What the heck do I wear?"

Leone dress bag

When I think of the Golden Globes, I automatically think of elegant and timeless styles, and I wanted my look for this carpet to match exactly that. After scouring my closet, I found three options that might do the trick.

Usually, the first thing I do is go to my mom for her opinion. After all, no one will be more brutally honest than your mother! Then, after she and I talk about it, I'll usually narrow it down to two dresses—and then not make up my mind until I sleep on it for a few days. I'll leave the two options hanging in my room, and will usually decide which dress to wear based on whichever one my eye gets most drawn to over the course of those last few days. Before choosing a dress, I'll also look at past carpets from the award show I am attending and try to feel out the vibe.

For my dress for the 80th Golden Globes, I really wanted to focus on simplicity and elegance. I decided to go with a long, off-the-shoulder maroon dress. And want to know the best thing about it? I found it thrifting! When I saw it, I instantly thought, "This is my Golden Globes dress." I thought it was so beautiful and timeless, that it fit like a glove and that the color would really pop onscreen.

Sienna leone in Golden Globes maroon dress


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Getting Psyched Up

Sienna Leone: Choosing the dress, hair and glam always is the most fun part of any event! Essentially, I just want to feel the most confident I can. I love this part of my job, and how the hair and makeup perfectly complemented the simplicity of my look.

Sienna Leone close up hair, makeup and dress

The must-have products that are always in my work bag are a hand mirror (always essential for checking my teeth, hair, makeup, etc.), my Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip liner, MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam III nude lipstick (which has been my staple for years), Charlotte Tilbury setting spray and, of course, mints. Mints are crucial for a five-hour carpet!

I usually try to get the nerves out before I arrive at the carpet by practicing deep breathing and making sure I come prepared! The better my notes are in order, the easier it is to find inner peace. The moment I get to the carpet, those nerves suddenly turn into excitement and adrenaline. I feel the happiest when I am on a red carpet, working and doing what I love. I thrive off of it.

Sienna Leone on 2023 Golden Globes red carpet

(Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff)

My biggest tips are to always be prepared, to have your notes highlighted and sorted and, most importantly, to be happy and have fun. Remembering that will take you far.

When I got to the Golden Globes carpet, it was so amazing to see all my other host friends from other networks. We were all just so happy to be there and included, ready to talk to all of your favorite celebrities. We instantly felt the energy, love and happiness on the Golden Globe carpet right when we got there, it was such an amazing night to be a part of.

Sienna Leone with Sweety High mic at the 2023 Golden Globes


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