Julianne Goldmark and Matilda Djerf Dish on Their Stunning Djerf Avenue x Emi Jay Collab

Emi Jay and Djerf Avenue are two of our all-time favorite stylish brands, and from the moment we heard that their founders Julianne Goldmark and Matilda Djerf would be teaming up for a collab, we knew the match was meant to be.

And guess what? The pieces are even cuter in person than they look online! Last week, our very own Sienna Leone got to stop by the duo's Midsummer Pop-up in the heart of Los Angeles to learn more about the new pieces from Julianne and Matilda themselves, and here's what they shared with us!

Sienna Leone: How did this partnership start as a friendship and turn into a full-on collaboration?

Matilda Djerf: We started following each other last year during the pandemic, and then when I was in L.A. in February, we were like, okay, we need to do a collaboration. It feels so right.

Julianne Goldmark: All of our customers would style our pieces together. They'd wear a clip with a Djerf Avenue set and we'd always see the amazing photos they'd take. It just felt like it was really natural.


Sienna: Emi Jay has now teamed up with everyone from Frankies Bikinis to Summer Fridays and Sephora. Why do you think it's so important for brands to create these kinds of exciting collaborations?

Julianne: I think it's great to collaborate with women-owned businesses. A lot of the owners of businesses like Summer Fridays and Frankies are not only great friends, but really hard-working women that inspire me, and inspire our community every day. Another one is really diversifying our audience and communities. Maybe someone who was an Emi Jay customer became one through a collab, and vice versa.


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Sienna: Matilda, you also mentioned on Instagram about pulling inspiration from butterfly clips your mom gave you when you were little. What were some other sources of inspiration?

Matilda: It's the Midsummer season in Sweden, so we wanted to celebrate that, and I think we wanted to create a print that was very timeless but also very unique. It wasn't really a process—we just knew from the beginning what we wanted to do.

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Sienna: From start to finish, how long does it take to make a collab like this work?

Julianne: Honestly, because we were so on the same page in the beginning, it was pretty seamless and quick. We started working on this in early February, and it's June, so about six months. We definitely had a quick turnaround for this one because it was so important to us that it would be over the Swedish holiday of Midsummer and also just for the summer in general.


Sienna: Do you have specific favorite pieces in this collection?

Matilda: I would say the tube dress because it's an everyday thing, and also the butterflies!

emi jay midsummer tube dress and tote bag

(via Djerf Avenue x Emi Jay)


Sienna: What's the biggest thing you want your fans and all of the people coming to this pop-up to take away from the collection?

Julianne: I think that getting to know the brand in person is so special, and getting to know our team that worked so hard to put something like this on. Getting to meet our customers is really nice. And, of course, shopping in person is just as fun as shopping online!

Matilda: It's special to see that they're also finding new friends during the pop-up. That's a really cool thing.


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SH: Sienna: Now for some rapid-fire questions! What's your go-to date night outfit?

Matilda: This!

Julianne: I would say something comfy.

Julianne Goldmark and Matilda Djerf collab pop-up image

(via Djerf Avenue x Emi Jay)


Sienna: Describe your collection in three words.

Julianne: Dreamy.

Matilda: Comfortable.

Julianne: And timeless.


Sienna: Something that's always in your purse?

Matilda: A hair clip!


Sienna: Favorite Emi Jay/Djerf Avenue clip?

Julianne: I like the main one, the Dream Cake.

Matilda: Same!
emi jay djerf avenue dream cake hair clips

(via Djerf Avenue x Emi Jay)

Sienna: A quick beauty trick you can share?

Matilda: Be comfortable. I know it's a boring one.

Julianne: Mine's completely different—I like to use a hand towel as a lip scrub!


Sienna: Where do you pull all of your fashion inspo?

Matilda: Honestly, all over. From our customers, from the people I see outside, from nature. I'm all over the place.

Julianne: From Matilda!


Sienna: Favorite app?

Matilda: Instagram.

Julianne: The Notes app.

Matilda: She's organized!


Sienna: Hair up, or hair down?

Matilda: Down.

Julianne: Half-up, half-down.


Sienna: Favorite influencer?

Julianne: Matilda!


Sienna: Will we be seeing a 2.0 collab from you two?

Julianne and Matilda: We hope so!

djerf avenue emi jay pop up photo

(via Djerf Avenue x Emi Jay)


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