These Super Realistic Poké Balls Are Coming Next Year—and Here's What's Inside

If you've ever dreamed of being a Pokémon master, you probably imagined housing your favorite creature in a shiny Poké Ball.

Thanks to Bandai's awesome set of Poké Balls, releasing next year, that dream is a little bit closer to becoming reality.

Bandai Poké Balls background

(via Amazon)

The set includes six varieties of Poké Balls used to catch Pokémon across the various games and shows. There's the Ultra Beast-catching Beast Ball, the happiness-boosting Luxury Ball, a classic Poké Ball, Great Ball and Ultra Ball, and an infallible Master Ball. They all look just like we always imagined they would.

Bandai six set of Poké Balls

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The icing on the cake is that they're hiding a prize, too. Each one is filled with a few pieces of candy.  When you've finished the candy, it becomes the perfect place to store more candy or other small knick-knacks.


Bandai Poké Balls full of candy

(via Amazon)

If all of that sounds too good to be true, there are a few snags in our plan to snatch up every one. For one, they currently appear to be available only on Japan's Amazon site. Secondly, they don't come cheap at about $45 for a set of 10. Lastly, it seems that buyers will get 10 random Poké Balls with every order, so you're not guaranteed to get all six if you buy.

They won't be available until Jan. 31 of next year, so we have some time to figure out how we'll get our hands on them. Until then, we'll keep imagining what it's like to be real Pokémon trainers.


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