Here's Everything on the Menu at the Brand New Pokémon Café in Tokyo

We're extremely jealous of everyone who lives in Tokyo, Japan because a brand new Pokémon Café is opening there later this month, and the food is beyond adorable.

The café officially opens its doors on March 14. If you want to dine there, you'll have to reserve a spot online beforehand. Reservations open up on March 5—but we're guessing they'll run out almost instantly.

Because we won't be able to attend in person, we'll just to admire all of the beautiful foods on the menu from afar. If you wish you could be there, too, here's the full list.


Hearty Pikachu Plate

This Pikachu dish seems to offer a little bit of everything. The Pikachu head appears to be a rice omelet, and it's served with a Hamburg steak, fried shrimp, potato stars and a side salad. Plus, if you manage to eat the whole thing, you reveal the hidden Pikachu on your plate. You can also take a plate home for an extra price.



Pokémon Cafe meal plate

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Eevee Teriyaki Chicken Burger

This scrumptious teriyaki chicken burger has a bun that looks like Eevee. It's also served with fries and what looks like a side of soup.

Pokémon Cafe Eevee teriyaki chicken burger

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Pikachu Curry

Japanese curry is the best curry in our opinion. This one happens to have a Pikachu made of rice, plus potato and veggie stars.

Pokémon Cafe Pikachu curry plate

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Snorlax Hamburg and Seafood Rice Plate

This Japanese rice dish is topped with Hamburg steaks cut to look like the lazy Snorlax. It's served with a side salad and more soupy goodness in a small mug.

Pokémon Cafe Snorlax hamburg and rice

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Pikachu's Hide and Seek Carbonara

Hiding under the egg of this cute Pikachu butt is delicious spaghetti carbonara. This dish takes hide and seek very seriously.

Pokémon Cafe Pikachu hide and seek game

(via Pokémon Center Online)



Pikachu Mango Pudding With Fruit

Mango pudding is delicious, but it gets even better when it looks like Pikachu. It's also served with a variety of fruits, including tasty lychee.

Pokémon Cafe Fruit and Jelly Plate

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Layered Lapras Parfait

Parfait means "perfect" in French, and it describes this dessert quite well. It has layers of cream, granola and apple-flavored jelly, making for a truly unique experience.

Pokémon Cafe Lapras layered parfait

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Chocolate and Strawberry Eevee Parfait

This sky-high parfait combines cream and strawberry with chocolate and coffee flavors into one exquisite dessert. We always knew Eevee had endless potential.

Pokémon Cafe Eevee chocolate parfait

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Jigglypuff's Musical Cheesecake

This cute strawberry cheesecake is shaped like Jigglypuff and served with a side of whipped cream and fresh berries.

Pokémon Cafe Jigglypuff cheesecake

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Mimikyu Chocolate Banana Crepe

Mimikyu is a Pokémon who's always desired to be loved. Thanks to this crepe combination of chocolate and banana, we don't think it has to look much further.

Pokémon Cafe Mimikyu chocolate banana crepe

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Pokémon Café Pancakes and Fruit

Pancakes don't get much cuter than this. Plus, they're served with a Pikachu tail cookie, whipped cream and fruit.

Pokémon Cafe Pancakes with fruit

(via Pokémon Center Online)



Pikachu Latte

Both the hot and iced versions of this coffee come with a cute Pikachu image right on the foam's surface. Mostly, we want the mug (which is also for sale).

Pokémon Cafe Pikachu latte

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Eevee Latte

Like the Pikachu latte, Eevee's coffee drink comes hot or iced and you can pay a little extra to take home your mug.

Pokémon Cafe Eevee latte

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Berry Milk Cocktail

The Pokémon Café has three drinks on the menu that are mixed for you right at the table. This one seems to combine Miltank milk, fresh berries and a strawberry syrup into one tasty beverage.

Pokémon Cafe berry milk cocktail

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Chocolate Milk Cocktail

Do we spy syrup in that glass? If so, this chocolate milk drink is definitely different than anything we've ever tried.

Pokémon Cafe chocolately milk cocktail

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Fruity Milk Cocktail

This last milk mixture on the menu appears to combine fruits and simple syrup with the milk for one very special drink.

Pokémon Cafe fruity milk cocktail

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Gengar Smoothie

This grape-flavored Gengar smoothie also seems to have a small light illuminating it from within. That's totally Gengar's style.

Pokémon Cafe gengar smoothie

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Ditto's Ombre Fruit Tea

This ombre drink is gorgeous, and its layers serve a purpose. Each one has its own unique flavor, so as you drink, the taste changes—just like Ditto itself.

Pokémon cafe ditto ombre drink

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Eeveeloution Floats

These floats inspired by Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon appear to combine soda, ice cream, syrups and boba to provide a unique experience. They're so cute and colorful we can barely stand it.

Pokémon Cafe Eeveelution floats

(via Pokémon Center Online)


Coffee With a Pikachu Tail Cookie

Last but not least, the menu contains a plain coffee that comes either hot or iced, which is paired with a cute cookie resembling Pikachu's tail. It's simple, yet very effective.

Pokémon cafe iced coffee and Pikachu tail cookie

(via Pokémon Center Online)


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