Love Pokémon and Nail Art? Check Out These Pokémanis

If your nails have been looking a bit bare lately, may we make a suggestion?

You could use some Pokémon on your next mani. Pokémon nail designs are cute and versatile, and with over 760 creatures to choose from, we dare you to say you can't find one that deserves to grace your nails.


Not every Pokémon mani needs to include Pikachu. These acrylic nail tips rep forest friends Snorlax, Starly, Zigzagoon, Munchlax and Paras. Gotta love that watercolor style.

If you want a simple, clean manicure that still shows off your Pokémon pride, this Pikachu nail art is for you.


This kawaii look, featuring nude nails, Togepi eggs and Pikachu's backside, is perfect for super stylish fans.

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Can't put down Pokémon Go? This is definitely your look.


These beautiful Pokémon acrylic nails look like something straight out of a children's book. Loving the inclusion of Doduo and Magnemite.

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This mani is just the thing for Eevee fans who just can't decide which evolution to pursue.


These Team Rocket nails will help protect the world from devastation and unite all people within your nation.


The new Alolan Exeggutor is so majestic it takes up all 10 fingernails.

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This 3D Pokémon nail art may not be as practical as other designs, but it looks amazing.

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Pokémon nail art can be simultaneously adorable and fierce.

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What's cuter than this chibi Pokémon pedi?

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Furret is a completely under-appreciated Pokémon, and this set of acrylic nails perfectly complements its furry little face.

These detailed Pokémon designs are enough to make anyone go "awwww."

These Diglett nails incorporate the natural shape of the nail in a stroke of genius.

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Big heads, shiny button eyes and fun popout shapes make this the funnest mani on the list.

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Look at the detail on these pink fairy-type Pokémon! The accent nails also reference the fact that both Pokémon evolve by Moon Stone, which is a nice touch.

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This sole Horsea nail is simple and sweet.

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Show off your love for the first generation starter Pokémon with these Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle nails.

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Love the water? This simple water-type mani, featuring Squirtle and Poliwag, is just right for a pool day.

Bulbasaur is the least popular of the starter Pokémon from the original game, but this little cutie deserves some love, and this entire manicure.

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This nail art combines points, nude nails and elaborate Pokémon designs into one seriously impressive manicure. Extra points for including Mimikyu, who hasn't even officially appeared in a game yet.

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These hand-painted Pokémon designs are highly detailed. That personal touch makes all the difference.

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These manis are fit for a princess. Click HERE to find out what would happen if Disney Princesses trained Pokémon.