Want a Tough Pokémon Team? These Pokémon Types Have the Fewest Defensive Weaknesses

No matter which Pokémon game you're playing, putting together the perfect team of six monsters is no easy feat.

Do you pick Pokémon based on high stats, type advantages or simply pure cuteness? If you're sick of super effective moves knocking out your team, check out this list of Pokémon types with the fewest defensive weaknesses.


Pikachu isn't just popular because it's so adorable. Being an Electric-type also means that it only has one defensive weakness to Ground-type moves, which deal double damage. And if you're seeking out a pure Electric-type, Pikachu is far from your only option. There are 28 in the roster, including some truly tough fighters, including Electivire, Luxray and Ampharos.

Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachu - Electric attack

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Normal-type Pokémon may not have any offensive advantages, but the fact that they're only weak to Fighting-type Pokémon makes them pretty formidable. If you want to add a pure Normal-type Pokémon to your team, you don't have to look too far. There are 65 of them so far, making them the most abundant in the game.

Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee- Playing with Eevee with glasses

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Ghost and Dark-type

Things get a bit more complicated when we get into dual-type Pokémon, with the advantages and disadvantages of one type canceling out and adding to the other. Until fairly recently, Pokémon that had both the Ghost and Dark-type actually had no defensive weaknesses at all. However, the Fairy-type was introduced in Generation VI to balance things out. It's not the most common combination, with only Sableye and Spiritomb fitting the description, but they only have a weakness to Fairy-type moves.



Poison and Dark-type

The Dark-type comes up yet again in this powerful matchup. When a Pokémon has both Poison and Dark types, the special blend of advantages and disadvantages results in a monster, which is only weak to Ground-type moves. If that sounds like the Pokémon for you, you can go with Stunky, Skuntank or Drapion, or even Alolan Grimer or Muk.

Pokémon Let's Go: Alolan Muk

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Normal and Ghost-type

This type combination is entirely hypothetical, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be pretty tough. A Pokémon that combined Normal and Ghost types would only have a defensive weakness to Dark-type Pokémon. It doesn't exist yet, but we think it could be an amazing addition to Gen VIII.


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Water and Ground-type

While having just one defensive weakness is always a good thing, it does leave a couple of Pokémon type combinations at an extra disadvantage. Since Water-type and Ground-type Pokémon both have a weakness to Grass-type moves, when a Pokémon is both Water and Ground-type, any Grass-type moves will deal four times the damage of a normal attack. They still only have the one weakness, but it's definitely something to consider when you go up against a foe. 10 Pokémon in total share these types, including Swampert and Seismitoad.


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Bug and Steel-type

Like the Water and Ground-type combination, Bug and Steel-type Pokémon have just one weakness but are extra vulnerable to it. The type combination, shared by Scizor and Forretress makes it so that Fire-type moves do four times the damage of a typical attack.


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