We're Obsessed With Star Wars' Porgs (and Their Wonderful Memes)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi doesn't debut until the holiday season, but it's already generating tons of buzz thanks to the reveal of fluffy new Star Wars creatures called Porgs.

These adorable little aliens look like a cross between a pug and a penguin, and though some fans are seeing them as a cash-grabbing opportunity to sell merchandise, we are 100% pro-Porg. We'll also be the first in line to buy Porg plushies, figurines and hats.

And apparently, we're not the only ones who are instantly devoted to Porgs. The meme game is strong with these ones.

We've all been there.


Was it time for a change?


We knew we'd seen the Porg somewhere before…

We're both the Porg AND the person looking at the Porg.


The Porg loves will-they-won't-they moments as much as we do.


We're not adorably seconds away from crying—that's just how our faces always look.


If you're looking to avoid The Last Jedi spoilers, you may need to avoid all things small and furry.


Chewie means this quite literally.


For those of us who love Star Trek just as much as we love Star Wars.


We like to think that this out-there fan theory is 100% accurate.


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