19 Hilarious Face-Palm Tweets About the Pretty Little Liars Reveal

Attention all my little liars: We feel your pain.

Pretty Little Liars girls looking shocked, series finale

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)

While we will forever and always love the glamorous mystery that is Pretty Little Liars, we know that last night's reveal was a little less than award-winning.

Below are the funniest tweets that completely sum up our feelings about the A.D. reveal and the finale of one of our favorite shows. We're laughing and crying.


The Sassy Spencer

That face says she knew it all along.


The Evil Stewie

Something's just a liiiiittle bit off here.


The Google Search

Can Google give us some answers, please!


The Kermit



Another Disappointment

Probably just a coincidence… right?


The Exit

Wake us up when they've made an alternate ending.


The Real Spencer Hastings

Don't worry, Jenna will sniff her out.


The Apology

Look, Jenna, we're sorry.


The Authorities

Good game, everyone, good game.


The Plea



The Big Sis

Melissa always in the background.


The Parent Trap Flashbacks

We're like, twins!


The Plot Hole Problem

If our final grade came down to this one problem we'd definitely fail the class.


The Father

Rosewood is just one big, unhappy family.


The Plot Thickens



The Long Lost Brother

Where did he go anyway?


Spin the Bottle

For all of life's tough choices.


The True Hero

When in doubt, get a horse to solve your mystery.


The Script

We're just playing around with you, Marlene. Love you, girl.


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