cocokind's New Formula and Sustainability Facts Labels Are the Future

Ever since I was first introduced to the clean beauty brand cocokind last year, I've used their products literally every day.

Their Daily SPF Facial Sunscreen Lotion is a critical part of my morning routine, a tube of their MyMatcha All-Over Moisture Stick sits at my desk for when I get chapped lips and I slather my face with their Matcha Face Moisturizer right before I head to bed every night. Not only do I love the products and how well they work, but I also appreciate that the brand is women-owned, vegan, free of all toxins, fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils and sulfates, and that everything comes in recyclable containers.

And today, March 2, the brand announced that they're doing even more to commit to transparency with new Formula and Sustainability Facts labels, similar to the nutrition fact labels on the foods we eat. We love this big step in the right direction, and we got the opportunity to ask Priscilla Tsai, founder and CEO of cocokind, to tell us all about these labels and why they matter.

Sweety High: What would you say is cocokind's mission statement? 

Priscilla Tsai: I founded cocokind to create a better product and a better business that reflects what I felt was missing in the beauty industry. My goal was to accomplish providing truly high-quality skincare products at an actually accessible price. So often, skincare and beauty in general are unattainable because of price or simply because it is too aspirational. For me, it was important to avoid this very idea—that beauty is hard to get, too expensive and only for a certain type of person. Cocokind is an anti-aspirational beauty brand because we aim to always ensure that our customers are 100% themselves when they shop for our products and would never need to change their values in order to buy our product. We aim to make conscious skincare for all and to build a relationship centered around trust with our community.

Cocokind transparency label products lineup

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SH: Where did the idea of the Formula and Sustainability Facts label come about?

PT: While the beauty industry has made so many improvements over the past few years, we noticed that there also seems to be an increasing confusion on what is real progress and what is just an empty claim. Every beauty brand, including cocokind, has been guilty of using buzz words like "clean" and "sustainable" without doing the work. We have no interest in hiding behind empty words, so we had the idea of launching Formula and Sustainability Facts as a way to bring more substance and transparency to our products, as well as educate and empower consumers around their purchasing decisions. While this is exciting progress, it is ultimately just the first step in our movement to change the status quo.

Cocokind green sustainability label

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SH: What information is shown on this unique label?

PT: The Sustainability Facts will show the carbon emissions per use across each product's complete four-stage lifecycle, as well as include detail on production, packaging and how to recycle. The Formula Facts will include the concentration of all ingredients based on the building blocks of skincare formulation. In addition, consumers will be able to scan a QR code from the box that will bring users directly to a unique product page. This page will lay out the comprehensive detail of each product and how to use it, as well as more detailed information on how its sustainability facts are derived and calculated using a third-party research firm.

Cocokind transparency label rosewater toner

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SH: Why was this transparency so important to you? How does that tie into your original mission statement?

PT: Transparency has always been part of cocokind's DNA, but we have committed to evolving the definition to root this claim in substance. As a brand, we never have a reason to hide anything, especially from our consumers. These new labels are the first step in an ongoing initiative to grow as a company. We will continue to work to create a better product and company that continuously aspires to disrupt the status quo.

Cocokind transparency label chia facial oil

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SH: What does it mean to you that cocokind will be the first indie brand to have these kinds of labels on their products?

PT: It means everything to us to be able to provide this level of information and our commitments around transparency. We are a small and mighty team and constantly push ourselves to do better and be better for our consumers and the industry as a whole. We are so excited to be able to roll out these new labels as the first step in our journey.

Cocokind transparency label oil to milk cleanser

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SH: What kind of example do you hope to set for other rising beauty brands?

PT: When we all succeed, we all win. We want to be a positive example for beauty brands of all sizes, both up-and-coming and more established brands. By raising the standard around transparency, we aspire to set a new status quo in the beauty industry. We believe that it is the responsibility of brands to constantly improve and educate; this should not fall on consumers. Five years from now, we hope to look back on all the progress we, as an industry, have made, as we continue to tackle new challenges.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

PT: Our work around transparency and sustainability will never be done. We are in the first step of this journey, and we will make mistakes along the way. However, we strive to keep learning and to continuously commit to more. Most importantly, we are excited to bring our consumers along for the ride.


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