Watch This Sweet Pup Do His Part to Help Clean Up Puerto Rico

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is in need of every available helping hand—and paw.

Almost two weeks ago, the devastating storm tore through the small island, leaving a plethora of debris and clutter in its wake. In the aftermath, the people of Puerto Rico have been working tirelessly to clear the roads of their beautiful home, and one special dog decided to add his support to the cause.

After watching the efforts of his fellow Puerto Ricans, the helpful pup decided that clearing debris wasn't just a job for humans. He grabbed a giant tree branch in his mouth and determinedly moved it out of the middle of the road. Despite tripping slightly during his first attempt, the pup made a very effective member of the cleanup crew.

The dog's noble efforts—which can be seen HERE—were captured by Facebook user Orgulloso De SER Boricua, who was amazed at the sweet pooch's dedication to bringing his home back to life, and we couldn't agree more. This supportive little pup has definitely stolen our hearts. 


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