This Pup Interrupted a Game to Show Off Her Impressive Soccer Skills

This pup just made our wildest dreams come true by proving that dogs playing sports might not be a fantasy!

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A recent soccer game between San Lorenzo and Arsenal de Sarandi in Argentina was interrupted when a playful pup decided she should be a part of the team. She charged onto the field and stole the ball 29 minutes into the soccer game. She pushed the ball around the field, showing off some pretty impressive moves, especially considering the ball was nearly as big as her.

Some players tried to coax the playful canine into surrendering her new toy, but she wasn't quite ready to give up her dreams of playing in the big leagues. Eventually, the unique soccer player was pulled away from the fun, but the pup won't be separated from her beloved sport completely.

Even though she can't be a full-fledged member of the team, the groundskeeper decided to reward the pup's enthusiasm with a job. As the new field dog, the ambitious pooch will be responsible for keeping the field in tip-top shape.

Who knows? With a little more practice she might even make the team!

Click HERE to see this sporty pup in action.


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