Watch Me Try on 7 Purple Lipsticks Perfect for Spring

Corals and pastel pinks are great and all (no, really, they are!), but have you noticed that purple—an extremely common springtime shade—gets no love in the lipstick department during this time of year?

While purple seems to be much more prominent during these flower-filled months, it seems the shade is more frequently associated with fall (at least when it comes to makeup). But I'm making a case to change that!

That's why I tried on seven totally different purple lipsticks that are perfect for spring. Keep reading to see what each hue looks like on my lips.



NYX Cosmetics Lavender: $7.50

This is a unique shade, with a lighter, icy appeal, yet still with the ability to make a bold statement. Depending on how you look at it, it can either be better classified with the blue family or the purple—but given the shade's official name, we're sticking with the latter.



MAC Cosmetics Lavender Jade (shade has been discontinued, so I recommend Heroine as an alternative): $19

When I posted all my looks on Instagram, this one was unanimously the most well-received. In fact, this matte shade is what inspired this post in the first place. It's the perfect purple, with pink undertones—and I just so happen to own an identically colored eyeshadow, as seen below.



NYX Cosmetics Wisteria Lilacs: $8

When I think of the color purple, I'd say this lip shade epitomizes the hue. And this tone, in particular, can be worn lightly for spring or summer, while even transitioning into bolder fall and winter looks.



Stowaway Cosmetics Fig: $9

Instagram was especially fond of this shade as well. It's from Stowaway Cosmetics, a brand that creates product sizes intended for travel (hence the name *wink*). Another versatile hue, this can be viewed as a pink or a purple, and I'm going with the latter.



Lipsense Peacock Pearl: $105.00 (as part of a six-piece limited edition set)

These products are unique in that they're made to stay on heavy-duty unless you apply their special remover. No need for reapplication concerns with this bad boy, as it will survive all your water chugging, finger-licking and more. Application and removal aside, this shade, with its glossy consistency, sure makes for the perfect daytime pop of color or evening pizzazz.



Winky Lux Royal: $15

Simply put, this pure purple is rich and vibrant. Not only does Winky Lux have the cutest packaging I've ever seen, but this matte shade also has a delectable yet lightweight, mousse-y texture.




If you're going a little more bold or daring, this long-wear lip stain from POP Beauty is truly a lipstick lover's dream. The color is absolutely stunning—and though it may be less of a day-to-day option, during those special moments of wear, I'm sure to wow a crowd.




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