I Embraced My Inner Taylor Swift and Tried 7 Red Lipsticks for Valentine's Day

The color red pretty much defines Valentine's Day, so it only makes sense that you'll want to sport your boldest red lip when the holiday rolls around.

And if you're a Taylor Swift fan, you'll feel closer to the star than ever, seeing as she's the first person we think of when we envision the powerful shade.

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Tay has publicly praised Nars' Dragon Girl as "one that really can't go wrong," and, in her honor, I tested out a handful of reddish hues to see which one suits me best. After all, I'm a brunette and she's a blonde, so what flatters us may differ.

Gotta say, it was almost impossible to not have various shades of red spread all over my face after each removal, but thanks to my handy Vlada's Mitty Pout, I was able to get the job done without a hitch!


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Keep reading for seven red lipsticks that'll help you embrace your inner Taylor Swift on Valentine's Day!

1. Cinnamon Churro by Beauty Bakerie: $14



2. Exotic Red by Shiseido: $26



3. Trust Me… by Colourpop: $4.40



4. Lethal Red by Estée Lauder: $28



5. Dahlia by Crystal Hearts: $16



6. Mickey Mouse Red by Bésame: $23.95



7. Sling Back by Shiseido: $26



Now that you've figured out which bold red lip to wear on V-Day, give yourself an airbrushed-looking face with THIS foundation product!