11 Questions to Ask Your Partner If You Want to Get a Little Closer

Whether you've been dating two years or two months, there are always ways to get closer to your partner.

You can't possibly know every single thing about the person you're with, no matter how much time you've spent together. That's the beauty of a relationship—there's always more to learn about the person you love.

Getting close to your partner requires constant communication that enhances your emotional bond. When life gets busy, however, you might forget to connect with the person you care about.

Keep scrolling for 11 questions to ask your partner if you want to get a little closer.

'What was your most embarrassing moment?'

Sharing moments that made us feel embarrassed or ashamed isn't easy. That's why we generally steer clear of this subject. However, sharing a flawed moment with someone you care about can also help bring you closer together. Asking this question will give you some insight into what your partner worries about, and it can even turn into a funny moment that the two of you can laugh about later.

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'If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?'

Only the most perfect among us can feel entirely content with every aspect of their life. Even then, when people claim to be 100% satisfied, we assume that they're lying. By asking your partner what they would change about their life, you give them a chance to open up about something that bothers them. Plus, it allows you to understand what they value and what they want in the future. It's a question with multiple answers that leads you toward a serious, honest conversation. That will definitely bring you closer together.


'What's one thing in your past that you regret?'

We know, we know—we're all supposed to live that "no regrets" lifestyle. And it's true that every mistake you made down the line led you to where you are now. But that doesn't mean that you have to look back at your past and be grateful for every moment, good and bad. Your partner might not have any regrets in their past, or they may have never been given the chance to talk about it. Either way, this question will make them think about their past mistakes and prompt an open conversation where each of you can share things you would've done differently.


'What's your favorite childhood memory?'

When you're dating someone, you often talk about the present and their immediate past, including former relationships and their current family situation. But their childhood is rarely discussed, except in passing. By asking your S.O. about their favorite childhood memory, you open the door into all kinds of discussion about the way they grew up that can reveal so much about them. Plus, you get a small glimpse into what your cutie pie was like when they were a kid, which always makes for a fun conversation.

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'What are you most afraid of?'

While we enjoy talking about the things that make us happy, none of us enjoy talking about the things that scare us. However, there's a lot to be learned from our fears. Not only that, but sharing our fears with others can also help us feel like we're not alone. Asking your S.O. about their greatest fear gives them a chance to confide in you and share a part of their life with you that's mostly reserved for themself. It's a meaningful conversation that's bound to bring the two of you closer, no matter what their fears might be.


'What did you think when you first met me?'

While you're busy getting to know your S.O., you probably haven't revisited the first time the two of you connected. Now that you're together and happy, sharing what you thought about that first meeting can be a great way to bring the two of you together. They might say something surprisingly sweet, or they may reflect on the fact that they didn't think you were anything special. Either way, comparing where you're at now to where you once were will make both of you feel closer to one another.


'What about our relationship makes you most happy?'

While you're busy in the ups and downs of daily life, it's rare to have an opportunity to just chat with your S.O. about your relationship. This question allows your S.O. to share something they really enjoy about your partnership. It gives the two of you a chance to reflect on something positive about your relationship, and share what the other person does that makes you feel special.

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'What would you change about our relationship?'

This question is a little more difficult, but it can be incredibly important if you find the courage to ask it. Bonding with your S.O. isn't just about reflecting on the good things. You also need to have tough conversations about the not-so-good things in your partnership. By asking your S.O. this question, you open the door into an honest conversation about what you can improve in your relationship. This question allows you to talk openly with one another, and to make your relationship better down the line.


'If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?'

Some questions can bond you and your S.O. without being all that serious. Within a relationship, values have to align. By asking your S.O. what they'd do with a ridiculous sum of money, you'll gain some insight into what they value most. More than that, however, it allows both of you to dream about an idealistic future and see if your dreams align.


'What's one thing you definitely want to do in the future?'

There are few things that bond two partners together more than discussing future goals and dreams. By asking your partner this question, you allow them to talk about what they want from their life. They can share some of their biggest goals with you in a judgment-free zone and you can do the same. It will allow both of you to bond, and it will give you some important insight into where your partner is headed in the future.

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'What's one thing you're scared to ask, but want to know the answer to?'

Sometimes bonding with your S.O. isn't about peppering them with questions and waiting for a response. This question turns the tables on your S.O. and invites them to ask you something meaningful and important. By just giving them the opportunity to ask you anything, you're building a sense of safety in your relationship. Keep in mind, however, that you have to be willing to answer anything they ask.


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