Quirky Crate Will Supply Your Need for Cutesy Flair Like No Other Subscription Box

I've tried a variety of subscription boxes, but I don't think I've ever been so fond of any them as I am of Quirky Crate.

Bringing you 5-8 unique handbags, accessories, stickers, stationary, pins, patches, etc. per month, this is the only box you need to keep your flair game on point at all times.

I was able to get my hands on their June subscription box, which was filled with the cutest items I ever did see.

Keep scrolling to see just what was in the box!

I was pretty lucky, because my box was stuffed with nine various items. One of which was a giant pack of Smarties, which I promptly ate upon unboxing my crate.

The Smarties definitely weren't the highlight of the my delivery, though. There were eight other amazing items that gave this crate its quirkiness.

Items in Quirky Crate's June box

1. Seashell Socks: Just in time for summer, these pink socks will keep those festive vibes high throughout the following months.

Seashell socks

2. Mirrored Sunglasses: I was in dire need of some new sunnies, so I was ecstatic when I received these bad boys.

Mirrored sunglasses

3. '90s Rainbow Pen: I always had one of these in my pencil pouch at school, so I was stoked to get my hands on one in present day. I'll use it to write all my notes from here on out.

'90s colored pen

4. Magician's Wand Lapel Pin: Pins are my thing! I'm also high-key obsessed with magic, so this pin will be a nice addition to my growing collection.

Magician's wand lapel pin

5. Milk Carton Crossbody Bag: Is this not the cutest bag you've ever seen? I'm all for unusual purses and clutches, and this one is all that and a carton of milk. I've already gotten quite a few compliments when I've used it.

Milk carton crossbody bag

6. Fun Monkey Sticky Notes: I immediately threw out a plain old stack of Post-it notes I had on my desk, in favor for these space monkey ones.

Fun Monkey sticky notes

7. Rainbow Patch: There is no such thing as too many patches and I have a ton. Again, added this to my collection, but I still need to actually iron it onto my denim jacket.

Rainbow patch

8. Glitter Nail Polish: I enjoy fun nail polish colors and patterns, so I was all about this pretty speckled polish in this super adorable container. A fitting color for summer!

Glitter Baby nail polish

If you hadn't already guessed, I'm onboard with everything Quirky Crate does.

As I mentioned before, you really won't find a subscription box that delivers cuter accessories to your door than this one.

You're probably ready for a box of your own. If so, head over HERE to see their pricing plans.


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