r.e.m. beauty's 'thank u, next' Limited Edition Collection Is Finally Here

Today, Jan. 18, Ariana Grande's r.e.m. beauty is finally launching its limited-edition "thank u next" collection.

From jeweled lashes to pinky shadows, a plumping gloss and even an eyeliner, everything in this collection needs to be on your radar. Whether you're a fan of makeup in general or just want to support your girl Ari, we think this fun and unique collection is just the way to do it. Interested in finding out all about the collection? Continue below for everything you need to know!

utmost importance plumping lip gloss xl: $20

If you're already a fan of the utmost importance plumping lip gloss, you'll be happy to know it's now being offered in an XL size. With 50% more product, this clear gloss has a non-sticky formula and a warm vanilla scent. After swiping it on, your lips will be met with a slight tingling sensation—and that's how you know the plumper is working! This can be worn on its own or atop your fave lip combo.

plumping lip gloss rem beauty

(via r.e.m. beauty)


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thank u, next favorite things eye set: $39

The thank u, next favorite things eye set includes the midnight shadows eyeshadow palette, dream lashes with jewels and the borderline eyeliner marker. The eyeshadow palette is full of pinks and neutrals and is perfect for date nights, Valentine's Day and everything in between. The lashes are definitely not for everyday use, as they feature pink jewels, but if you're ever in the mood to do an over-the-top makeup look, these lashes have got you covered. And finally, there is the eyeliner, which is ultra-black, water-proof and features a felt tip.

thank u next favorite things eye set rem beauty

(via r.e.m. beauty)


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