Ranking of Bath and Body Works' Fall 2020 Candles

If there's one thing Bath & Body Works excels at, it's their candle making skills.

As leaders in the candle industry, Bath & Body Works never ceases to amaze us. Each year, they come up with new scents that are even better than the last. So, when they reached out to us about testing out this Fall's latest drops (along with some classics), we literally jumped at the chance. They sent over a total of 20 candles, ranging from pumpkin to apple to maple and much more.

Interested in picking up a few of your own? Keep reading for our official ranking of Bath & Body Works' fall 2020 candles:

20. Strawberry Pound Cake: $24.50

This one's just not for us. Strawberries are meant to be eaten, not smelled!


(via Bath & Body Works)


19. Warm Apple Pie: $24.50

We had high hopes for Warm Apple Pie, but it wasn't our favorite. We were expecting that delicious apple pie scent, but we were left with notes of crust and faint apple. We'd rather just bake our own pie to get the delicious smell!


(via Bath & Body Works)


18. Pumpkin Peanut Brittle: $24.50

We like pumpkins and we love peanut brittle, but the combo of the two doesn't really work for us. Tbh, we don't even think we'd like to eat a pumpkin peanut brittle concoction, so it's no wonder we're not fans of the candle.


(via Bath & Body Works)


17. Sugared Cherry Crisp: $24.50

Our thoughts vary on Sugared Cherry Crisp. Some of us love the classic cherry pie scent we get off of this, while others think it smells too artificial. If you're a fan of cherry pie, we think you should give this one a try. 50/50 you'll love it.


(via Bath & Body Works)


16. Pumpkin Cupcake: $24.50

Every year when fall rolls around, we're constantly eating delicious pumpkin snacks. We enjoy the Pumpkin Cupcake scent, but there are better ones we get into more detail as you keep reading. This specific candle smells more of vanilla than pumpkin, so if you like a subtle pumpkin scent, definitely try this one out.


(via Bath & Body Works)


15. Pumpkin Spice Latte: $24.50

The most popular drink every fall is Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte—duh. If you're a PSL lover, you'll obsess over this new candle. Featuring notes of sweet milk and spices with a light touch of pumpkin, anyone who enjoys a warm cup of coffee will like this. Plus, the design of the candle itself is unique and eye-catching.


(via Bath & Body Works)


14. Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow: $24.50

Simply put, we love Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow. It's sweet and is a scent we wouldn't mind burning year-round. The reason it's on the lower side of our list is that it's not super strong. We like very potent candles, but if you don't mind subtlety, this candle is about to become your new go-to.


(via Bath & Body Works)


13. Cinnamon Irish Cream: $24.50

Sugar and spice and everything nice are what come to mind when we smell the Cinnamon Irish Cream candle. Spicy notes of cinnamon combined with sweet vanilla make for one interesting combination. Plus, the Irish cream addition brings the candle together beautifully.


(via Bath & Body Works)


12. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin: $24.50

You can never go wrong with a pumpkin and cinnamon combo. So, when we first lit the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle, we knew we were in for quite the treat. Featuring notes of clove, pumpkin and warm cinnamon, this candle smells so delicious it almost makes us want to eat it…almost.


(via Bath & Body Works)


11. Pumpkin Dulce de Leche: $24.50

The first thing we noticed about the Pumpkin Dulce de Leche candle was how cute the packaging was. Once we got past that and smelled it, we were blown away. Immediately we noticed hints of caramel and pumpkin butter, and trust us when we say it smelled absolutely delicious. This is the perfect gift to bring to holiday parties.


(via Bath & Body Works)


10. Dutch Apple Waffle: $24.50

While we're not huge fans of the packaging of the Dutch Apple Waffle candle, we are fans of what it smells like while it's burning. Tbh, if the candle itself was cuter, it would be higher on our list. If you don't mind what it looks like, though, you'll obsess over the smell of buttermilk waffles and freshly baked apples.


(via Bath & Body Works)


9. Caramel Pumpkin Swirl: $24.50

If there's one fall flavor combo we will never get sick of, it's caramel and pumpkin. So, when we got our hands on the Caramel Pumpkin Swirl candle, we were instantly hooked. Featuring notes of brown sugar, creamy vanilla and of course caramel and pumpkin, we were left speechless. Simply put, you need to get your hands on this bad boy before it sells out.


(via Bath & Body Works)


8. Banana Walnut Muffin: $24.50

Remember when making banana bread was all the rage at the start of quarantine? The smell it left lingering your house was mouth-watering, and that's exactly what this candle does, too! The Banana Walnut Muffin candle smells of sweet nutmeg, cinnamon sugar and banana. No need to mess up your kitchen when you can simply light this baby!


(via Bath & Body Works)


7. Pumpkin Donut Shop: $24.50

The Pumpkin Donut Shop candle is without a doubt the one we were most excited to try out. We love pumpkins and we love donuts, so why wouldn't we love pumpkin donuts? Not only is the label on this candle adorable, but the smell it gives off is deliciously sweet. Think of a glazed donut and pumpkin spices coming together to have a baby, and voilà, this is the final product.


(via Bath & Body Works)


6. Pumpkin Cookie Dough: $24.50

The Pumpkin Cookie Dough candle is yet another magnificent creation by the geniuses over at Bath & Body Works. This incredible candle gives us all the fall feels since it smells like homemade pumpkin cookies. Featuring notes of cinnamon sugar, delicious cookie dough and yummy pumpkin, this bad boy will be burning around the clock for us!


(via Bath & Body Works)


5. Blueberry Maple Pancakes: $24.50

When we first looked at the Blueberry Maple Pancakes candle, we honestly didn't have super high expectations. However, once the lid came off and the wax started to burn, we were in shock at how amazing it smelled. Pancakes, maple syrup and freshly picked blueberries make up the brunt of this candle, earning its place as our number five.


(via Bath & Body Works)


4. Toasted Coconut Mocha: $24.50

We're big-time coffee drinkers here at Sweety High, so we were honestly not shocked at how obsessed we were with Toasted Coconut Mocha. Upon smelling this glorious candle, your nose will pick up hints of coconut shavings, steamed latte and marshmallows. It's quite the heavenly combination, and we heavily suggest stocking up on this one.


(via Bath & Body Works)


3. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles: $24.50

Coming in third place is the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candle. As we're sitting here writing, this is the candle we currently have burning. It brings us a feeling of zen and calmness, which is a must for the work or school week. Featuring notes of maple syrup, brown sugar and pumpkin spice, this baby is a must for any lover of fall.


(via Bath & Body Works)


2. Sugared Pecan Pie: $24.50

Coming in a very close second, Sugared Pecan Pie is simply incredible. Whether you're a fan of pecan pie or not, this candle will undoubtedly be your new favorite. It's the perfect fall scent, and one we plan on burning all season long. Toasted pecans and pie crust make up the top notes of this candle, so don't be surprised if you get hungry for a sweet snack!


(via Bath & Body Works)


1. Pumpkin Snickerdoodle: $24.50

Hands down, without a doubt, Pumpkin Snickerdoodle is our No. 1 pick. Not only does this candle make us want to stuff our mouths with a pumpkin-flavored snickerdoodle cookie, but this new flavor is perfect to get yourself in the holiday spirit. This was the first candle we lighted for the fall season, and boy are we obsessed. Featuring classic notes of pumpkin spices paired with cinnamon sugar cookie hints, this is the candle of the season.


(via Bath & Body Works)


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