Realistic Goals to Set For 2022

It seems that in the blink of an eye, next year is right around the corner.

Unfortunately, that means that New Year's resolutions are, too, along with all the dread that comes along with them. The problem with these resolutions, though, is that most of the time they are either unachievable or simply downright unhealthy. With that said, there's still nothing wrong with setting some (healthy) goals for yourself! So, here are some realistic goals that you can think about setting for 2022:

1. Exercise at Least 4 Days a Week

Before you write this off as another weight loss-style resolution, remember that 1. Exercise doesn't mean going after the goal of losing weight (in fact you could even want to gain weight through muscle growth) and 2. Exercise is amazing for you both physically and mentally. You don't have to do anything you hate doing, either—simply going for a walk or doing some workouts that you enjoy in your room are enough to get you moving.

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2. Read a Book (For Fun) Every Month

With so much stimulation surrounding us every day in the form of social media and more, it can be easy to forget the simple, healthy hobbies we used to enjoy. Reading is a common one of these, but it's a healthy addition that can even help you learn new things. If you aren't currently an avid reader, try just finishing at least one book a month to stay on the right track.


3. Eat Less Meat

This one is as good for you as it is for the planet, but that doesn't mean you need to go all-in on the plant-based diet if you don't want to. Simply starting a meatless Monday trend at home or cutting down on red meat in general will probably help you feel better over time, especially with all the excellent vegetarian options and substitutes that exist nowadays.


4. Get On a Consistent Sleep Schedule

While eight hours of sleep may not sound like anything huge, it can actually be quite hard to achieve. The full eight might not be feasible for everyone, but getting on some sort of consistent basis will help you in more ways than you might think. An easy way to do this is by setting your phone aside when it's time for bed, as the light and content can keep you up instead of helping you unwind.

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5. Practice Gratitude

This one may feel silly at first, but starting your day with some positive thoughts really can change your whole outlook over time. Practicing gratitude or general mindfulness helps you stay in the moment and recognize what amazing things you already have going on instead of worrying about what you don'have, and it can be as simple as listing off a few items in your head (you can start small—to have a home, a family, good friends or whatever else comes to mind).


6. Drink More Water, Less Sugar

An easy goal to set if you're someone with a tendency to sip on the sugar is to swap out sugary drinks, like sodas, juices or even sugary coffees or teas, for some simple water. You'd be surprised how much bad you might be doing to your body by drinking these sugar (or fake sugar)-loaded drinks, and we could all probably use an extra sip of water now and again anyway.

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All in all, the list of achievable goals you can set for next year really does just depend on you. You can try one, all or none of these and still live a better 2022, all you have to do is determine what's best for you.

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