8 Reasons Why Moving Is the Absolute Worst

If you've ever had the displeasure of having to pack your entire life into boxes, you know how daunting the whole moving process can be.

Sure, a lot of the times moving can be super fun and exciting, but the actual moving part is anything but. It takes hours upon hours of sorting through memories, clothes and, let's be honest—junk.

Are you moving anytime soon? Keep scrolling for eight reasons why moving is the absolute worst.

1. You Have to Do Lots of Manual Labor

The part that arguably is the least fun part of moving is having to do all the heavy lifting and moving of boxes. Even if you hire movers, you still have to pack up everything, shift them in the house to make room for even more boxes all while making sure you don't break anything. It's super stressful!

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2. You Have to Throw Out Old Stuff

Some people can part with items with no issue, while others have a habit of holding onto things for a long time—almost like hoarding. The process of deciding if a certain photo, journal, gift from an ex, old costume or something else is worth keeping is no easy task.


3. You Have to Say Goodbye to Your Old Home

If you've been in your home for a long time, not only are you saying goodbye to all those memories, but also the surrounding areas, neighbors and more. And while your new home will be a place to make new memories, it's still going to be sad to take one last look out your rearview window with your home in the distance.


4. You Have to Clean

Cleaning is an absolute given when moving out, and we'll be honest when we tell you it totally sucks. Once you've finally gotten everything moved out, you're left with the aftermath of dirty carpet, random trash, stains and more. We recommend getting your house professionally cleaned.

girl moving packing house boxes

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5. You Have to Decide on a Moving Method

A big decision to make is deciding what moving method you want to go with. Are you going to move everything yourself? Ask some friends for help? Hire a moving company? Each method has its own list of pros and cons, so it's up to what's important to you. If you're trying to save money, skip out on the movers. But if you want a stress-free, sweat-free, easy move, definitely go for the movers.


6. You Go Through Way More Boxes and Tape Than You Thought You Would

Buying boxes isn't as expensive as you'd think, which is a good thing, but it's still annoying having to go back again and again to buy more boxes. It seems like you always use way more boxes than you thought possible. Leading to more trips to the store and a longer moving time.


7. You Might Forget to Label Each and Every Nox

Labeling boxes is perhaps the most vital part of moving. Some people leave it to chance and keep it simple by saying "kitchen" or "bedroom," while others get super specific and say things like "kitchen: cutlery, cups, coffee machine, lemon juicer." See where we're going with this? We think the more specific, the better, because you don't want to be on the hunt for that one random object you have no idea what box it's in.


8. You Have to Unpack Everything at the New Place

Unpacking can actually be pretty fun, especially if you're doing it with loved ones. But everyone reaches their breaking point of becoming too tired, hungry or just bored of it all. And we get it! You just packed it all up, only to unpack it all the next day. It's annoying.

girl moving packing house boxes

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