The 6 Most Likely Reasons Why Someone Doesn't Respect You

Respect is key importance in any type of relationship.

If someone doesn't respect you, they lack regard for your feelings, wishes, boundaries, trust… or all of the above. This can include a number of behaviors, ranging from spilling your secrets or being rude to you for no reason, to invading your privacy or doing something shady behind your back.


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But these behaviors aren't just decided upon overnight. There are likely some triggers that have led someone to act this way towards you—and a lot of the time, it has nothing to do with anything you've done. Either way, it's frustrating and unacceptable. But you should know what causes them to act this way.

Keep reading for the six most likely reasons why someone doesn't respect you.


1. They Weren't Raised Valuing Respect

For better or worse, much of our behavior and views on life stem from how we were raised. Until we gain life experience and surround ourselves with all kinds of people, we're kind of limited to what we've seen around the house. If someone's mom or dad didn't value respect, chances are their children will won't either. While there's no excuse for someone's disrespectful behavior, the person you're dealing with may have parents who haven't instilled the notion of respect in them.

Penelope Blossom at Jason Blossom's funeral in Riverdale

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2. They Were Disrespected by Someone They Trusted

The person you're being disrespected by may actually be a respectful person at heart, but if they were scorned by someone in the past, it may change their outlook on trust and other respect-fueled values. If they were cheated on by an S.O., lied to by a friend or something else along those lines, they may be acting out as a defense mechanism because they believe you're bound to mess them up, too.


3. They're Harboring a Resentment Based on Something You've Done

Think long and hard: Have you given this person a reason to disrespect you? Have you done something disrespectful in the past? There could be some unresolved issues that have caused grudges or longstanding issues between you and this person. If you think there's a possibility of this, sit down and get things out in the open. The sooner you have a serious discussion, the quicker you can hopefully get back on the same page.

Jughead yelling at Betty on The CW's Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)


4. They've Been Influenced by Their Friends

Just like we're influenced by the people we live with, it's easy to get sucked into the habits of people we hang out with. If someone who's disrespectful toward you has friends who frequently make fun of others or talk down to teachers, for example, they're likely the source. Although, mature people can choose for themselves how they want to behave.


5. They're Going Through Something and Taking It Out on You

You never know what'really going on in someone's head. They may be stressed out of their minds with family drama, or they could be seriously struggling in school. Or maybe they're just dealing with the general anxieties of life. There's still no excuse for their negative behavior, but it may be much deeper than simply going out of their way to make you feel bad. If you can't think of any other reason why they're acting a certain way, it may be worth a conversation to see if they'll open up to you about what's really going on.


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6. They See You as an Easy Target

Sometimes people aren't intentionally trying to hurt you—they see it as poking fun because they know you'll react in a certain way. While to them it's innocuous teasing, if they see you're constantly upset, then they're taking it too far. While this kind of disrespect isn't at all acceptable, see if things change a bit by not giving them the reaction they want. You may notice a difference.


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