4 Reasons Why You Need to Use Coffee in Your Beauty Routine

A good ol' cup o' Joe is a customary way to start the day, especially after a long night of studying or a big final that requires extra energy, but did you know that coffee can have more benefits for your bod besides making you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed?

Believe it our not, coffee is loaded with antioxidants (aka what wards off environmental stressors and reduces signs of aging), and is highly beneficial for your beauty routine.

Below, we're counting the reasons why you should be rubbing your face and body with coffee grounds–or finding a product containing coffee–stat!

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1. It Makes You Less Puffy

Chances are you've woken up puffy a few times before. This can be caused by a number of things, like a super salty meal the day before, water retention, lack of sleep, or a good cry sesh. Whatever the culprit, coffee is here to help. The caffeine in coffee works to reduce the swelling and inflammation. Look for products that contain coffee to reduce puffy eyes like 100 Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream or even DIY your own with a parent, because chances are they'll want some, too!

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2. It Exfoliates the Skin

Want super soft skin? Coffee is an amazing exfoliant. Ground coffee beans tend to be too harsh for the face, but they make excellent exfoliants for the body. In fact, Frank Body created a cult following off of their original body scrub which aims to reduce the appearance of cellulite and leave the skin silky soft.

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3. It Brightens Your Face

Looking for an easy DIY face mask you can make at home? Mix two tablespoons of plain yogurt with one tablespoon of ground coffee and apply to a freshly washed face. The caffeine in the coffee stimulates circulation, leaving you to a bright, glowy complexion.


4. It Exfoliates Your Scalp

The health of your hair largely depends on the health of your scalp—after all, that's where you mane starts growing. Prior to shampooing, use 1/3 cup of ground coffee and massage into a wet scalp in the shower for about 60 seconds. This will slough off all of the dead skin cells and product build up and will also stimulate hair growth.


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