7 Red Flags to Look Out for on Your S.O.'s Social Media

A healthy dose of suspicion never hurt anybody.

And while we don't pride ourselves on being nosy, we do acknowledge that our sleuthing can sometimes stop a heartbreak from becoming even worse.

If your S.O.'s social media presence has been a bit weird as of late, you may be picking up on relationship red flags. Continue reading to find out which actions suggest foul play:

1. A 'Relationship Status' Change

If you and your honey are Facebook official, then it's likely you're both listed as "In a relationship" on this social media platform. Many others include our relationship status in the bios of our IG profiles. A major red flag to look out for is this status being changed for no reason. If your S.O. suddenly becomes "Single" or simply chucks you out of their bio, there may be some suspicious activity in the works. We'd definitely recommend you bring this status change up with your S.O.—trivial as it may seem.

Emily concerned on the phone

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2. They Repeatedly Post Without Texting You Back

Noticing your S.O. tweet, gram or update their status while you're waiting for a text reply is frustrating. Once or twice is nothing to worry about, though we may need a sweater for that cold shoulder. But if this behavior becomes a pattern, then consider it a red flag. These updates to social media may not be inherently disconcerting or suggest foul play, but the fact that they're repeatedly ignoring their girlfriend to post a funny picture or thought isn't a good sign.


3. Their IG 'Activity' Suggests Interest in Someone Else

A change in your S.O.'s typical IG activity could suggest that they're interested in someone else. If, when scrolling through your S.O.'s "likes," you notice that they've started frequently liking and commenting on a certain person's pics, this could suggest they're secretly crushing. After all, why the sudden interest?

Callie upset on the computer

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4. They Use Inappropriate Emojis

Friendships are just as important as romantic relationships, and thus we shouldn't get too upset when our S.O. shows affection for their friends—whether they be guys or gals. That said, sometimes we can read between the emoji lines. If your S.O. is using any number of flirty icons, from pink hearts to the fire emoji, when posting with or about someone else, this could mean something unjust is afoot.


5. They Never Gram About You

Whether they post a different girl for their #wcw or they don't shout you out on major dates like your anniversary or Valentine's Day, this could be a red flag that they aren't all that interested anymore. If you can scroll through their theme and pick out a handful of pics centered around other people but hardly spot your own face… this ratio alone should be a red flag. You don't deserve to be anyone's second, ever.


6. Their Tagged Photos Reveal a Lie

We've all experienced it. Your sweetie claims to have been at home studying all Friday night, but new social media pics say otherwise. If tagged photos catch your S.O. in a lie, take this as a red flag that trouble is ahead. Whether they were hanging with a person from their past or they lie about being busy, these tagged photos are the only thing speaking the truth.

Mariana crying in bed

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7. The Post Vague Tweets That You Don't Think Apply to Your Relationship

No one likes a vague tweet that seems to hint towards a deeper meaning. Like, if you want to say something, just say it! But if your S.O. Tweets or grams a caption that seemingly doesn't apply to you or your relationship, this could be their subtle way of telling you how they feel. Whether they mention feeling trapped or they use a love lyric that totally isn't about you, we suggest you read between the lines. Why is your S.O. being so vague and what aren't they telling you?


The worst thing these red flags can tell you is that your S.O. has been cheating. If that's the case, click HERE for tips on how to not blame yourself when you've been cheated on.