9 Truths You'll Relate to If You're the Black Sheep of the Family

Whether you're obsessed with your fam or you can't stand 'em is a whole different story, but have you ever scratched your head, wondering how you were born into your brood?

You know, everything about you is different from the other members of your immediate family—from your interests to the types of people you hang out with, to, well, everything.

If you consider yourself the black sheep of your family, keep reading for nine relatable truths:

1. You openly refer to yourself as the black sheep of your family and your parents are well aware of how you feel.

2. It used to bother you that your fam isn't on your same page, but after coming to terms with being the black sheep, you've learned to accept that it is what it is.


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3. Family dinners are never a peaceful occasion. While the rest of your immediate relatives are happily noshing on whatever mom whipped up in the kitchen, you offend everyone by throwing a mini-tantrum over how you'd rather eat anything but that.

4. Any time there's a family affair that involves a vehicle, you always bring headphones. While the rest of your brood sings along to songs you've never heard of, you plug in to tunes that have garnered the craziest stares from everyone else.

Car packed for a family road trip

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5. Your family never has your same reaction to the things you do, and vice versa. Why can't you just be on the same page?

6. You feel like your parents always take your siblings' sides or make you do the most chores. Whether you've really done anything wrong or not, it's so much easier for them to favor the kids who agree with everything they do.


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7. Family vacations? Forget about it! You never agree with everyone else on where to sightsee, what to watch in the hotel room, what to eat and what time to go to bed.

8. You've worried about friends coming over because what if your parents embarrass you?

9. Shopping with mom is always a bust. You consistently try to get her into a style you approve of or a store you love to shop, but she is very adamant about her preferences, as you are yours.


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