Your First Real Relationship: Expectations vs. Reality

Getting into a relationship for the first time can be simultaneously scary, exciting, confusing and wonderful. A whirlwind, basically.

You may have certain expectations for how things should run, and you may be completely thrown off guard when those expectations aren't exactly translated into reality.

If you and your crush have made the leap and are now Facebook official, check out these eight first real relationship expectations vs. reality scenarios and prepare to nod in agreement.

The Ask Out

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Expectation: Your long time crush finally built up the courage to ask you on a romantic date, and they decide to make a grand gesture to let you know how they feel. As you're doing homework in your room, you hear a pebble hit your window, and when you go to see what all the ruckus is, your dreamy soulmate is standing outside with a dozen roses and a silly smile slapped across their face. "It'd be my honor to take you on a date and make you my girl," they'd say. Swoon. ????

Reality: Your crush out of nowhere throws a "We're going on a date Saturday night????," into your casual text convo. Not exactly sweeping you off your feet here, but who cares, you're so pumped.


The First Date

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Expectation: Everything is perfect from the beginning to the end of the night. Newly licensed, they pick you up and take you to your fave local Italian restaurant. You eat pasta Lady and the Tramp style, and then walk hand in hand to the best froyo joint. You're on cloud nine.

Reality: After spending hours getting ready, you eagerly wait by the door for your date to arrive. They show up 15 minutes late and then have no idea where to take you so you end up at a fast food place that you hate. At least they make it up to you with their charming personality and witty banter.


The First Kiss

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Expectation: They lean in, tell you that you look gorg and tuck your hair behind your ear. You close your eyes and they give you the sweetest, most magical peck on the lips. ????

Reality: It's the end of the night, you're standing in front of your front door and you know the awaited first kiss is moments away. You smile, and then they lean in and you get a whiff of their breath. You totally forgot they ordered extra onions on their pizza at dinner. Let's just say you wish they would have popped a mint before leaning in for what was supposed to be a dreamy kiss.


The Dramatic Facebook Relationship Status Update

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Expectation: Minutes after you and your cutie decide you're officially dating, your new S.O. changes their relationship status on Facebook to "In a Relationship" and posts a cute pic of the two of you on their Insta. They want the world to know you two are too adorbs for words.

Reality: Your new S.O. is not that into social media and likes to keep their personal life private. Nbd, except you were really looking forward to seeing how many likes your change in relationship status would have received.


The Texting Convos

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Expectation: As a new couple, you two can't get enough of each other. You are constantly texting morning, noon and night. You wake up to the cutest texts like "Hello, beautiful girl! Thinking about you always." You could melt.

Reality: You two really can't get enough of each other. You're texting each other at all hours of the day, except most texts aren't mushy, they're just inside jokes and funny gifs of SpongeBob SquarePants. It works. ????


The Meeting of Their Fam

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Expectation: Your hands are sweating and your heart is racing the whole time you're sitting with your significant other's family. They seem nice, but they drill you the whole time, and you leave feeling like you were just interviewed. Worst. Feeling. Ever.

Reality: Their family is totally chill, and you had absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, they remind you a lot of your own family. You're not sure why you freaked so much.


The Arguing

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Expectation: How and why would you ever fight?! You think you and your S.O. will always see eye to eye on everything because that's just what couples do.

Reality: You fight about dumb, trivial things like what ice cream flavor you should share after dinner. You're with each other so often that little disputes are bound to transpire. All is well once you talk them out.


The Sensation of Always Wanting to Be Together

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Expectation: Your new relationship is everything to you. You have to see each other every single day to maintain a healthy and stable connection, so you are constantly making plans.

Reality: Although you love being in a relationship, you realize it can't and shouldn't be the center of your universe. It's really only a supplement to your life! You and your new love do things together, but you also do things apart, which weirdly makes you like each other even more.


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