The new school year has its pros and cons.

Of course it means back to books, buses and bullies—but it also means a chance to start fresh among your classmates (namely, your crush!)

Whether it’s a new ‘do you’re rockin’, or a fresh attitude, the first month of school is your big chance to make a splash and get noticed by people whose eyes may not have caught yours prior.

But now that you have this new bout of confidence, how do you take things to the next level and assure you are recognized by the peer of your dreams?

Scroll below to find out!

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1. Throw Them the Occasional Low-Key Compliment

Whether it’s their Drake tee you love, their science presentation you totally dug, or that volleyball serve they impressed you with in P.E., they’re sure to appreciate your subtle admiration for something they’ve done. Trust us, everyone loves a compliment—and as long it’s super laid-back, they won’t read into it at all! All it takes is a simple, “Hey, I like [or agree with] what you did [or said] in [insert class name here].” Boom!

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2. Become Pals With Someone They Hang Out With at Lunchtime

Lunch is the ultimate time to see and be seen at school! So if you have a good friend, close acquaintance or friendly study buddy who runs in similar lunch squads as your crush, now is your time to (oh-so-subtly) attack! Casually approaching your mutual pal during this time of day either to ask them something random, confirm after-school plans or act like you “forgot” to tell them something about your upcoming test or project will certainly get your crush’s attention.

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3. Get Involved in a Club or Extra-Curricular Activity They’ve Joined, Or Casually Stop by Their Workplace (If It’s Somewhere You’d Normally Go)

Whether or not sports tryouts are your thing, there are a slew of ways to get involved in the same activities as your crush. Are they in Spanish club? Are they a member of the yearbook or school paper? Do they enjoy volunteer work? Now, obviously if you join the Chess Club and it’s clear you know nothing about the game, it may seem a whee bit obvious that you’re in it for the wrong reasons, but for the most part, these clubs and activities are fair game. And while you’re on a mission to make it with your crush, use this as an opportunity to learn a new thing or two and make some additional new friends! And if after school jobs are more their thing, coffee shops and grocery stores are totally acceptable places for you to just “coincidentally” be during the same time they are on duty!

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4. Pull the Classic “Can I Borrow a…” Trick

If you share a class with your crush, asking to borrow a piece of notebook paper or a pen—or heck, even a stick of gum—is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to getting noticed by them. It’s super casual, they’ll be forced to acknowledge you and you’ll get what you want! Or, on the flip side, if they ask out loud if anyone has any of those things, be sure to quickly offer up your belongings!

5. Ask a Pal to Put in a Good Word

This one can be tricky, but if you have a mutual friend who you trust has your best interests at heart, don’t be afraid to ask them to put in a good word to your crush—even simply, throw your crush’s name out there to get your friend wondering why you asked. Again, if you know this friend has your back, then you should trust what they tell your crush, even if it’s just “[insert name here] was asking about you.”

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