7 Tips That Will Help You Survive School Sports Tryouts

One of the most nerve-racking things about going back to school—other than the dreaded first day, of course—is trying out for one (or a couple) of your school's sports teams.

Don't sweat it, because with these seven helpful tips, you will be well on your way to clinching a spot on the team of your dreams.

Group of girls cheering in front of a volleyball net

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1. Practice, Practice, Practice

You may be the best athlete, but even gold-medal winning Olympians train on the regular to improve their skills. Squeeze in a few extra hours of training leading up to the tryouts to hone your technique and make sure you are adequately prepared.


2. Have the Right Equipment

If your soccer cleats are worn down or your lacrosse stick is missing a few strings, you should definitely invest in new gear. You want to be at your absolute best during tryouts, and that's a bit difficult to do when your equipment isn't up to the proper standards.


3. Listen to the Coach

If a coach goes out of their way to provide feedback as to how you can improve, it means they care a whole lot about you as a player. Instead of getting upset at the constructive criticism, use that advice to enhance your performance.

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4. Be a Team Player

Yes, you are competing for a spot just like everyone else, but that isn't an excuse for you to be a ball hog. A star player is nothing without their team, which is why you don't want to alienate them by being standoffish or too full of yourself. Get to know them and show off how well you work with a team.


5. Be on Time

Punctuality is key if you want to make a positive first impression. Even arrive 15 to 30 minutes before the tryouts begin to warm up. This will show the coach that you are serious about being a member of the team.


6. Drink Plenty of Water

You're going to be running around for anywhere from two to four hours a day. You won't be in tip-top shape if you're dehydrated, so bring at least four water bottles in your gym bag.

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7. Don't Stress

At the end of the day, you tried your best and that's all that matters. Don't put out negative vibes about how you could've done so much better or how you know you're not going to make the team. Be confident in your performance. Even if you get rejected, it won't matter later on down the road.


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