How to Rep Your Favorite Fandom With Every Aspect of Your Prom Look

If you're more into geek chic than fancy dresses, dressing up for prom can seem like a major chore.

But it doesn't have to be. In fact, prom can be your big opportunity to fangirl to the fullest. Keep scrolling to find out how to incorporate your fandom into every aspect of your promsemble.


Why wear standard prom makeup when you can rep your fandom with your unique beauty look? You can do something subtle, like perfectly replicating the everyday makeup look of a character you adore, or go totally wild with a striking composition evoking an immediately recognizable figure.

Even easier, you can simply utilize colors that any fan will recognize as part of the fandom. We're totally fangirling over these Hogwarts house-inspired eye looks.

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Prom hair doesn't have to be all about braids, curls and updos. It's also a great medium for representing your fandom. Whether you're doing a straight-up cosplay hairstyle or just sporting some color, it's an easy way to fangirl on the downlow.



From tiaras and headbands to hats, a headpiece can be the cherry on top of your look. It's a great way to add a tiny, geeky touch to your look without overwhelming it.



Cute fan jewelry can potentially be the least obvious way on this list to rep your fandom. Some pieces are so subtle that only the truest of fans would ever recognize them. We wrote about our favorite understated Star Wars jewelry, but you can also find a lot of great items digging around on Etsy.

Supernatural dean's necklace

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If you can find a small bag or clutch that matches your prom dress and your fandom, don't pass it up! It will let you cave a little to the pressures of looking prom-perfect without sacrificing your individuality.

Marvel heroes clutch

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If there's one element of your prom style that gives you the chance to go full fangirl without moving too far out of your comfort zone, it's the nails. Your mani can literally have the faces from your favorite fandom on them without being too over-the-top. Of course, you're always free to just paint some cute details from your fandom on your nails. The world is your oyster.

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Your dress is the most important aspect of your prom look, and it's also the most versatile in terms of representing your fandom.

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Whether you're literally wearing the outfit of a beloved character, incorporating aspects of your fave person's style into your dress or just utilizing color palettes that are meaningful to you, it's not hard to let your dress do the fangirling for you.


If you don't plan on going full fangirl this prom, click HERE for some stunning braid ideas for your prom hair.