Everything You Should Know About Henry Danger Actress Riele Downs

Let's start this Wednesday off by asking, is there anything Riele Downs can't do?

The Henry Danger actress is perfect as Charlotte, but she's also hilarious on our fave app Musical.ly. If you haven't gotten to know her yet, now is definitely the time. Scroll through and get to the core of this brunette beauty.


(Photo Credit: Amanda Elkins)

Name: Riele Downs

Birthplace: Toronto, Canada

Birthday: July 8

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Fun Facts:

1. Mean Girls is on her list of movies she could watch on repeat.  We can't think of a better choice, it's one of the greatest comedies ever made, TBH.

2. Even though it's tough sometimes with her schedule, she would love to be more physically active. "I used to play basketball a lot in my younger years and I strive to get back to that," she shares with Sweety High. "I recently played in the Ariza Elevated Sports Celebrity Basketball Game on my birthday which helped me get that flow back while supporting a good cause."

3. She has a lot of confidence in herself and loves her ability to empathize with different people in a variety of situations.

4. She loves her friends and they have some great times together, but the one person she can always count on to make her laugh is her sister Reiya.

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5. Wonder Woman is one of her biggest heroes. "I saw the movie recently and it was incredible," she says. "She's such an inspiration to women everywhere!"

6. She would describe herself as bold and artistic, but most of all passionate. We see it in everything from her acting and fashion choices to all the other amazing things she does.

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7. Her most recent binge watch was Riverdale and she totally gets what all the hype is about. "I finished it in about a week and can't wait for the next season," she gushes.


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