9 Riverdale Memes You Need to Send Your Crush ASAP

When it comes to texting your crush, we've learned it's best to let memes do all the talking.

If you happen to be all about Riverdale, these are the funniest and flirtiest memes to send your crush. We hope you're prepared for the relationship that'll follow.

When you want them to know you'll never turn down a meal with them:


When you want to make it clear they can be your lab partner anytime:


When you want to make sure they're not a morning person:


When you're feeling like a weirdo:


When you want to reassure them about your relationship status:


When they're bae, but not bae… but bae:


When you're dropping hints you want them to tutor you:


When you know they'll agree with your priorities:


When you heard your crush talking about Riverdale while walking past them in the hallway:


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