Ross Lynch Reveals His Fave Song Off R5's 'Sometime Last Night'

We may love Ross Lynch when he's playing Austin on Austin & Ally and when he's playing sweet jams in R5, but it's what he does when he isn't acting or singing that really makes him our Man Crush Monday.


Full Name: Ross Shor Lynch

Hometown: Littleton, Colorado

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn (If you're a Taurus or a Virgo, you could be his perfect match!)

Favorite Instrument: Guitar

Favorite Color: Yellow

Pet Peeve: When people are texting while he's talking to them (So rude!)

Biggest Influence: Michael Jackson

Favorite Food: Pizza?

Favorite Movie: Romeo & Juliet (Imagine watching it with him — GOALS!)

Fun Facts:

1. We love all of the songs on R5's Sometime Last Night, but Ross' fave is "F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D." because of its Stevie Wonder vibe.

2. But the songs he sings in the shower are "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and "Ain't It Fun" by Paramore.

3. He taught himself how to play piano, guitar AND drums.

4. Ross shared that he isn't very conventional when it comes to planning dates. For his first date, he and his date painted at his house and then just drove around L.A.

5. He told fans he got his motorcycle license, but he really only passed his training class. He still has to take the actual driving test.?

6. But Ross does have his pilot license, which is just as cool (maybe even cooler).

7. His weird talent is being able to wiggle his ears.

8. He's been playing ice hockey since he was three and it's actually one of his favorite sports.

9. Ross even played in a charity ice hockey game to support Echoes of Hope.

10. And R5 performed at the Smiles Charity Concert, which raised money to build houses for wounded war veterans, a few years ago. Ross is always helping his community whenever he can.

11. His most memorable fan moment was when a guy wanted to take a picture of him while they were both driving on the freeway…in different cars.

12. His number one passion may be music, but Ross is also really into (and AMAZING at) photography. He spilled that he enjoys that it allows you to look back at a moment whenever you want.


Ross may just be your soulmate, but you'll have to take THIS quiz to find out!