What's the Deal With Ruby Chocolate? We Asked an Expert—and Got to Try It Ourselves

Rare ruby chocolate has been making headlines since it was first introduced to the world in 2017, but most of us still haven't gotten the chance to taste it ourselves.

In the past, companies offering the unusual confection have been quite exclusive and few and far between, and have also made ruby chocolates too expensive for the average person to try. But that's all changed thanks to one of our favorite chocolate brands, John Kelly Chocolates. This year, their Valentine's Day collection features the 6-Piece Solid Ruby Chocolate Heart box for just $13, bringing ruby chocolate to the world at large.

The brand was generous enough not just to send us their ruby chocolates to try, but also to answer our most pressing questions on what makes them truly unique. Keep reading for their answers and to find out how they really taste.

Sweety High: What exactly is ruby chocolate? What makes it different from traditional chocolate?

John Kelly Chocolate: Ruby chocolate is considered the newest and fourth chocolate, after dark, milk and white. It is different because it is relatively new. In fact, it is considered the chocolate industry's biggest innovation in more than four decades.

John Kelly Chocolates plated ruby chocolates


SH: Where does it get its bold pink color?

JKC: Ruby chocolate is made from ruby cocoa beans, which have a natural red-pink hue.


SH: Is ruby chocolate a more recent invention? Where does it come from, and why has it only recently appeared on the market?

JKC: Introduced just a few years ago by a Belgian-Swiss company called Barry Callebaut, ruby cocoa beans can be grown in only certain climates, which include Ecuador, Brazil and Africa's Ivory Coast.

John Kelly Chocolates in container


SH: What is the flavor profile of ruby chocolate?

JKC: Ruby chocolate has been likened to the flavor of white chocolate mixed with strawberries and raspberries.


SH: Is there anything else we should know about it?

JKC: Ruby chocolate is still a rarity and not widely available. John Kelly Chocolates is proud to offer their solid ruby chocolate hearts this Valentine's Day!


Taste Test

So did the chocolates stack up to our expectations? They did, and then some. These cute, heart-shaped chocolates come in a lovely deep dusty rose color, and the flavor truly does match their appearance. Just like the brand said, the taste is reminiscent of sweet white chocolate with tart berry notes. If you're as curious as we are, $13 for six pieces is a steal.

John Kelly Chocolates box closeup


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