How RVHEEM Embraced His Vulnerability In Gorgeous New Track 'For You'

Why does the BBC love RVHEEM (pronounced "Raheem")? Just take one listen to his music, and you'll understand.

The Kenyan and Indian artist, based out of Liverpool, has a stunning R&B sound we can't get enough of, and his soulful new track "For You" puts his talents—and vulnerability—on full display. We had the opportunity to chat with RVHEEM about the song, what its thoughtful lyrics mean to him, and why it's okay not to be okay.

The Story Behind 'For You'

RVHEEM: I was stuck in a situation that I couldn't let go of. I felt like I spent so much time trying to figure things out that I ended up losing myself in the process. Writing "For You" was a form of therapy, it allowed me to accept that I wasn't perfect, I did make mistakes, but I was willing to take the time to change and grow.


What 'For You' Means

RVHEEM: I'm hoping by being honest in my music that people listen and think, "That's how I've been feeling or that's a situation I'm in, and he's just put it into words for me." I want people to take their own story and feel it in my music.

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RVHEEM's Favorite Lyric

RVHEEM: "I know I ain't perfect, I've got my flaws and my scars, some I ain't healed from, but I've got to prove you wrong."

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