Ryan Newman With Heifer International In Cambodia!

Ryan Newman, star of Nick at Nite's See Dad Run, recently spent some time in Cambodia where she worked with Heifer International to change lives!ryan newman cambodia heifer international

Heifer International is an organization that aims to end poverty and hunger around the globe by helping communities to support themselves.

In Cambodia, Ryan Newman saw how Heifer's Improving Income and Nutrition Though Community Empowerment Project (or INCOME) positively affects the lives it touches.

INCOME works by getting the community involved and helping them to make the most of the resources available to them locally.

It also involves them in "Passing on the Gift." When Heifer International supports people, those people can start a cycle of positive change in their communities.

Once they have found success with the gifts they have received from Heifer, whether it's livestock, seeds or training, they can pass on what they've gained to others in the community, helping them to also succeed!

During Ryan's time in Cambodia this June she met with kids within the communities Heifer works with and spread their message. She shared much of the experience on social media.

"Passing on the gift…" Ryan wrote on one Instagram post. "So honored to be able to attend this ceremony where a former recipient of donations is able to donate to others. So beautiful!"

She also documented her time in Cambodia on the Heifer website though photos, writing and videos! You can view it here, and make a small donation of your own to support the cause! For every donation, Ryan will send an email personally thanking fans for their contributions!

We think it's incredible that Ryan Newman is using her status as an actress to attract attention to such an awesome cause. Let us know what you think of Ryan's involvement and join us at SweetyHigh.com to tell us what causes mean the most to you!