Everything You Wanted to Know About who do you pray to? Singer-Songwriter Sam Tompkins

We dare you to listen to any of Sam Tompkins' songs and not immediately fall in love with his incredible voice.

Last week, the English singer-songwriter released his soulful and melodic new EP, who do you pray to?, consisting of seven deeply personal tracks, each more beautiful than the last. There's a good reason that half the songs on the EP were viral hits even before the EP's release—and we think the remaining tracks are primed to be just as beloved. Basically, we're obsessed, and here's all the great trivia we learned about him as our latest Man Crush Monday.

Sam Tompkins trivia, bio and fun facts: Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Rosie Matheson)

Name: Sam Tompkins

Hometown: Brighton, England

Birthday: April 18

Zodiac sign: Aries

Fun Facts:

1. Sam says he couldn't live without the Solitaire app on his phone.

"I literally play it all the time. It keeps my mind sharp I think and also reinforces the idea that I'm actually not as dumb as I sometimes think!"

-Sam Tompkins

2. Curious about what Sam answered when we asked him to tell us a boring fact about himself?

"Today I ate a sandwich."

-Sam Tompkins

3. He'd love to steal Fez from Euphoria's style.

4. Once, when Sam was playing FIFA online, a guy paused the game to ask if he was Sam Tompkins.

"I said yes, and we became friends and ended up playing FIFA together through lockdown a whole lot."

-Sam Tompkins

5. When he was a kid, he was really into football (what we call soccer in the states), and skating.

"Now I love watching football with my friends. I still skate a bit, not to do tricks, but to get around. The reason for that is because the last time I went on a ramp, I sprained my ankle so bad that I could barely walk for like three months. Got too many responsibilities these days to risk that happening again!"

-Sam Tompkins

6. There's no one person that Sam is closer to than anyone else.

"It changes throughout periods of my life. I have a lot of best friends. I am able to talk to all of them about how I'm feeling in the exact same way. I can't choose. I love my friends and they're all awesome."

-Sam Tompkins

7. His favorite color is lilac.

"I just love the shade of it and I think it looks great on clothes."

-Sam Tompkins

8. His favorite movie is probably The Wolf of Wall Street.

"I was studying film and media when it came out and it was just such a masterpiece at the time. I was 16 and just was in awe of every aspect of it."

-Sam Tompkins

9. He's always wanted to learn to do a kickflip.

"I was good at ramp tricks on my skateboard, but kickflips never made sense to me. I will learn it one day."

-Sam Tompkins

10. Sam just wants his fans to understand that he's just as lost as everyone else.

"I have no idea what I'm doing, and I'm not as together as I carefully sometimes make myself seem. I'm still the guy who writes the songs that get you out of hard times. I'm only able to write those 'cause I'm going through the same thing."

-Sam Tompkins


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