Here's Everything You Need to Know About R&B Singer-Songwriter Justin Park

Korean-American R&B singer-songwriter Justin Park is definitely an artist to watch in 2022.

With his unforgettable voice and smooth lyrics, it's no surprise that Justin's music has attracted so many devoted fans—including BTS's Jungkook. He recently released the gorgeously dreamy track "MI VIDA," incorporating some surprising Spanish roots on his mom's side of the family, teasing his upcoming second album, I Can See the Stars From Here. We have no doubts it's going to be fantastic, and here are all the fun facts and trivia he spilled about himself as our latest Man Crush Monday.

Justin Park Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Johnson Diep)

Name: Justin Joon Suh Park

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Birthday: May 2

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Fun Facts:

1. They're not his least favorite food, but Justin's not a big fan of olives.

2. He's definitely more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan.

"The storyline and casting are much more my kind of thing. I think maybe because of the huge budgets for their films, too, the fight sequences and things they can do with CGI are amazing."

-Justin Park


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3. He says many people might not expect this, but he's a huge fan of singer-songwriter Bobby Caldwell, especially his vocal technique and control.

"I came across a song by him that was remixed by Tupac called "What You Won't Do for Love," and since then I've loved his music."

-Justin Park

4. He collects shoes, clothes and jewelry.
5. His favorite food from home is a Korean speciality.

"There's a sort of rolled sushi kind of thing that doesn't contain fish,  but meat instead, in Korea. This dish is called gim bap. Gim bap was one dish that was very iconic to me for the reason that it was very popular amongst the kids at school. Every time I'd have it they'd wager me parts of their food to have some of mine."

-Justin Park

6. He's definitely a night owl.

"I don't know why I sleep so late now, but I've def become a smooth criminal. I think my staying up is in part because of my ADHD, and some sort of anxiety or insomnia."

-Justin Park

7. The three words he'd use to describe him are:

"Too much sauuucccee."

-Justin Park

8. He'd love to get better at remembering things.

"Sometimes I feel like I have the worst memory. I'd promise people certain things and forget sometimes because I am so bad at managing the amount of things I have going on at once. Sometimes I need to slow down and prioritize."

-Justin Park


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9. He loves being a weirdo.

"I love being spontaneous and I love not having a care in the world about what other people think. Living like this keeps me so free and open-minded. I really do enjoy living like that. The one terrible thing is, it's impossible to be like this all the time, so the very few moments in life where I do get to feel so free and so un-self-conscious, I really try to value.

-Justin Park

10. Justin believes that caring a whole lot is core to who he is as a human being.

"I care. And I care a lot. I do feel disconnected with my fans at times because of COVID. But these last couple of years, I have definitely not let that stop me. With more frequent lives and comment interactions, I've felt like I've understood my fans a little better. But this next quarter I'm going to be working on an album that really hits the core of my audience."

-Justin Park


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