Get to Know Radio Disney's Sammy Jaye

Sammy Jaye is our newest influencer obsession.

From interviewing Camila Cabello and Sabrina Carpenter, to casually hanging out with Laura Marano, this girl is definitely making a name for herself. She even got to go BTS of Mean Girls on Broadway and chat with Cady Heron herself. Color us impressed.

Recently, we caught up with this rising star and learned a bit more about her less-well-known interests. Scroll below for our favorite fun facts about Sammy Jaye.

Name: Sammy Jaye

Hometown: New York City, New York

Birthday: Aug. 11

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Fun Facts:

  1. She loves the word "literally."

"I'd have to say that I completely overuse the word 'literally.' I literally have to stop using it." 

-Sammy Jaye

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2. She's a total dog person.

"Dogs are my favorite animals, especially puppies. I actually used to be scared of dogs, but not anymore.  My family has an adorable dog named Shutters who I love."

-Sammy Jaye

3. She's devoted to snacks from Whole Foods.

"I am obsessed with these Made Good Chocolate Chip Granola Bars. I buy them at Whole Foods and literally purchase boxes of them at a time. They're so small, filling and delicious."

-Sammy Jaye

4. She's into the OG Disney Channel shows.

"When I was younger, I was always inspired by Hannah Montana because, when I watched her, I thought I could accomplish anything at any age."

-Sammy Jaye

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5. Her favorite food might surprise you.

"In New York City, there's this amazing restaurant called Friedmans and they have the best spinach cheese dip."

-Sammy Jaye

6. If she could only buy her clothes from one place, she would choose Target.

"Target has everything from clothing, shoes, accessories and even makeup." 

-Sammy Jaye

7. The three things she would bring on a desert island might make being stranded a little fun.

"I'd bring a phone (that would somehow work on a desert island and never dies), my favorite book, which is The Art of Racing in the Rain and the entire series of I Love Lucy" 

-Sammy Jaye

8. She cannot live without blush.

"I love makeup. It's so much fun because it's another form of art. If I had to choose one product, I would only wear cream blush because you can use it as eyeshadow, lipstick and on your face." 

-Sammy Jaye

9. Shane Dawson is her YouTube obsession.

"I love Shane Dawson. I've been watching his videos for about the past three years or so. I think he is so inspiring and creative." 

-Sammy Jaye

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