Everything You Need to Know About Dancer and Jewelry Designer Scarlett Bella Song

13-year-old Scarlett Bella Song is a dancer, actress and jewelry designer who's been dancing her heart for most of her life—and it shows in her confident and vibrant performances.

She's also made quite a name for herself on social media, showcasing her positivity and talent to more than 670k followers on Instagram, who tune in day after day to check out her stunning dancing videos. She's also making her mark on the fashion industry with her jewelry line with Annie and Sisters, the Annie X Scarlett Collection. Basically, Scarlett is doing it all—and here's all the trivia we learned about her as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Scarlett Bella Song top trivia and bio Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Tonya Turner Photography)

Name: Scarlett Bella Song

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Birth Month: May

Zodiac sign: TaurusGemini cusp

Fun Facts:

1. Prior to the pandemic, Scarlett was a global traveler. She's also visited 16 countries.

"I can't wait until it is safe to freely travel as a tourist again."

-Scarlett Bella Song

2. She is constantly on Snapchat, and also loves making lots of TikToks on her private accounts.

"Yes, it is a problem!"

-Scarlett Bella Song

3. The one life lesson she wishes she had learned earlier is not to dim her own light to accommodate others.

"This is such a tough lesson to learn and practice. I enjoy uplifting others and making others feel comfortable, so I find myself holding back. Ultimately, I do realize that we are all free to be our authentic selves and it is important to realize our full potential."

-Scarlett Bella Song

4. Scarlett says her weirdest habit is being a water glass hoarder.

"I take glasses of water upstairs to my room each night and I never bring them back down to the kitchen! Sometimes a collection of a dozen or so glasses build up in my bedroom before my mom gets frustrated that we are running low on clean glasses and she marches upstairs to clear them out."

-Scarlett Bella Song

5. In three words, she describes herself as loyal, hardworking and kind.

6. She admits she's a germaphobe.

"I hate to sit in booths at restaurants. It skeeves me out!"

-Scarlett Bella Song

7. Scarlett has a 2-year-old (in human years) St. Berdoodle dog named Cody who is her best friend.

"He is black and white parti (1/4 St. Bernard and 3/4 Poodle)."

-Scarlett Bella Song

8. And Cody never fails to make her smile, even when she's stressed out.

"Dance also makes me smile even when I am exhausted or frustrated."

-Scarlett Bella Song

9. Scarlett used to play competitive ice hockey—in addition to participating in a couple of other sports.

"People know I am a dancer, so I'm going to have to dig deeper. People may not know that I was on both a travel soccer team and my school's swim team."

-Scarlett Bella Song

10. Her humanity is core to her identity.

"I am empathetic, kind and caring. I enjoy uplifting and celebrating others and I firmly believe in the power of positivity."

-Scarlett Bella Song


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